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1970's skis...

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I am looking for K2 244's, 255 Softs and Cheeseburgers.  Also Dynastar Omeglas (Black ones) and Hart Freestyles, Hart Ballets and Olin Mark IV's.  I skied on these, back when the dinosaures roamed.  I will pay money.  Bob 831.776.6037

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i have a pair.
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I have a pair of the original HEAD KILLY 800 Skis. These are the first skis made of fiberglass. Curious to know how much they are worth. They are in good condition and the fiberglass has not cracked (like many did). I am assuming these skis would be used for display in a museum or private collection.

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Depending on shape and condition............ $50?  Could you get me a couple pictures?  I will buy them, if they look reasonable.  I'm interested.  Let me know.


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You want to sell them?  I'd be interested.


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I just noticed your K2's.  Would you be interested in selling them?


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I am looking for old straight skis for ADIRONDACKS that I am building for friends and gifts, not a market operation.
I discovered your post in EPIC Ski and I am not sure if you are still active or when the original post was placed.

I am in Monterey-Salinas and I am looking for OLD STRAIGHT skis, preferably 195+cm.

I have checked out LAST CHANCE MERCHANTILE @ the dump and the cleared the bin out a couple months ago.
I am interested in your knowledge or incite on where to find these skis.

Thank you,

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