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Big mountain ski

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Anyone. Care to compare the nordica soul rider to the blizzard bonfide. Tons of great comments on th bone.
Which ski will glide better in deeper snow and be stable in crud. Current ski is 170 mantra... No rocker. Worried about no metal being stable in crud. But also maybe no metal is quicker in trees and bumps. I realize either ski would be a great choice. I only get west for one or two trips. If I lived in the west the hell dorado would rock. Black is back. I am aggressive fall line, technical rather than power. 6'0". 175. Yea Phil its still me.
Thank you.
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A ski does not need metal to be stable in crud, it just needs to be built right.

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Bone has metal. FYI.
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The Soul Rider also has two ti layers according to Nordica. 797fd0b7-c96c-6799.jpg 2013's look cool as well!
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Right you are. Thinking bone is more stable than soul. If the bone is almost as quick then bone has it. If soul is relatively as stable in chop as the bone but much quicker
Er than its the soul wins. What say you.
A Tomba
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Where did you find the citation that the sr has ti layers? Can you speculate on how this changes things from 2012 with carbon?
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It's listed on Nordicas 2012 specifications - look at their web site. That is where I read SR has two layers of ti. 2013 is the same. How it skis? Do not know. I'll tell you soon though.
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Metal isn't necessary.  This past season I bought a pair of Nordica Steadfasts after trying the Bushwackers and Line Prophet 90s.  The Steadfast doesn't have a metal layer and as far I am concerned it was quicker and more reliable that either of the others in all conditions including powder up to about 16-18", trees, bumps, crud and groomers.  The graphics on the Steadfast are terminally boring but graphics are way behind performance when I decide to buy a ski.

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^^^^^ This. There are some famously stable, beefy big mountain skis out there with no metal (go ride a Kastle BMX 108 or Moment Belafonte or Head Supermojo 103 and report back), and some meh one's with. Reasons, far as I know: 1) Stiffness is determined by the cross sectional area of core + type of wood, + amount of fiberglass and/or carbon. Metal dampens things, allows similar stiffness with less cross section. But it's not the primary determinate of stiffness. 2) Design matters. You can take skis with a lot of metal, put an odd tip or tail or sidecut on it, and it can become quirky or unpredictable depending on you and your terrain. The new Cham series from Dynastar may fit this bill, and the Rossi Super 7 does for sure. A few folks (like a recent reviewer here) would say the flipcore skis from Blizzard also tend to change character depending on how you ski them, while most would prolly say just the opposite. IMO the divergence of opinion is more revealing than the actual outcome; design trumps construction.


Bottom line: Get the ski that works for you, don't fixate over what it's made of.  

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Originally Posted by beyond View Post

^^^^^ This. There are some famously stable, beefy big mountain skis out there with no metal (go ride a Kastle BMX 108 or Moment Belafonte or Head Supermojo 103 and report back)


What the hell are you talking about?? im103 has more metal than tree in it.

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Thanks everyone. The 185 Soulrider is the choice.

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I'll pick my 177 soul riders up in a few weeks. I skied Atomic Access this year and hope the SR's are as much fun but a bit less chattery on the hard pack. Just need some snow now!
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Hey Cold:

What is your weight and height? I understand the SR's skis short. Especially with early rise tip and tail. I also believe the ski is more powder and soft snow oriented than hard and groomed.

For what it is worth.

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I'm 5.9 and 160lbs. I choose 177 based on my experiences. I'm sure they will be fun and I'm sure I'd also like the 185s. I get a great kick out of all the comments about skis on this forum. I'm yet to find a ski I can't have fun on!
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Can tell you that the 2013 Soul Riders are outstanding. Have three days on them now. Tried all conditions except pure ice and moguls. All mountain for sure. No tip chatter like the Atomic Access has at speed. Plenty of energy in short snappy turns like my Fire Arrows. Just pure fun. I am very pleased I punted on buying a set.
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