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Atomic Blackeye ti rocker , Is the rocker technology real?

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So the salesman says it's a all mountain . I ski Snoqualmie , Usually groomed Ice . Groomed Ice chunks or groomed , Or shaved ice on concrete , But some runs are in the trees and and are a little better packed runs , I don't know how to rate myself so i will describe . I can get a little rythym in the Blue moguls , Go faster than most recreational skiiers in the blue and steep blue runs , Get a few moguls of rythym in the Black moguls then Have to skid out a bit ,Small jumps are comfy with about 5 to 10 feet iar travel , The big jumps , i don't always clear the knuckle , I think I have never really had a true mogul ski ,I had  Dynastar 4X4 from years ago , They seemed so stiff ,They would do this pulse grab while carving hard pack and skid on ice , Then I tried some old Soloman X mountains GS They were really fun in big long turns but very difficult in moguls .

    SOOOO   Is this rocker technology really true ? Can the Blackeye ski's ski moguls and packed ?  

  I really have a hard time filtering the reviews because I think they are by some one with an interest in Atomic , And there isn't very many ,

At any rate the salesman said the Blackeye can do ok in the mogul but favors the groomed and packed , Do ya think ?  I don't really know , I just don't want another saloman scream . YUCK , Unless in a turn they were unstable .

   The Blackeye is onsale for about 600$   Last years model , 2012 .There are a lot on the shelf , ???    As a pretty darn good fisherman I know the good lure are not on the shelf in the end of the season , So I wonder why there are a few blackeye ski's left , any feed back will help

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Given your description of what you want to do, the salesman is correct.



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hey, just fyi, you can get the blackeye much cheaper through STP, but you're going to need to get a coupon code (sign up for mailing list and wait for the right coupon to come around) or search around for someone with a coupon.  There's public codes for 30% off easily found, but you can occasionally get a 35% or 40% off 1item in the mail which is perfect for a single big ticket item.

Depends on if you're OK with buying on the internet or if you want a local shop for service.  You'll still should probably go to a shop to do the mounting and binding check...


 I posted this breakdown I did in the PSA section:



Atomic Blackeye Ti with XTO 12 bindings  (seems to be 2012 model)

retail 999.99, regular STP price 689.95.  After email 35% off coupon-465.42


if you use affliate cashback sites (mrrebates ebates, etc) you can get a few extra % in rebates on top of that too.  on a big purchase like this it adds up.



As far as why there are overstock; i think there was are thread explaining that this year's snowfall was terrible, and that correlates directly to amount of equipment sold 

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I had the prior (orange colored) version of the Atomic Blackeye Ti, which was an okay ski, and the current green colored version, which is an outstanding ski.  They changed the entire ski from foam core to a wood core, added adaptive camber (rocker), and employed combination sidewall / capped construction.  There is no comparison, and I think that the new version is underrated due to its association with the prior version.  Atomic made a grevious strategic error by not renaming the ski when they redesigned it.  In addition to the crappy weather, that might explain why there's a few left on the shelf.


That said, as SJ noted, the salesman is correct.

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