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Closing out the 2012 ski season at "The Bird"

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While our typical end of the season closeout tends to be at A-Basin, 2012 turned out to be the season no one expected or wanted, (other than the skiers in the PNW) with unseasonably early closures. For our spring tour, Trekchick and I ideally hoped for the best and still  had our planned our Mothers Day trip to A-Basin, those intentions would not be rewarded in our final destination so our lift served skiing would end at Snowbird this year. 


Snowbird has done a great job keeping open through Mothers Day with stellar snow management. This past Wednesday, 4Ster, TC and I arrived at the Snowbird Tram around 9 AM with our host and guide, Brooklyn Tracy. With three lifts running, the Tram, Little Cloud and The Mineral Basin Express, Snowbird was doing it's best to keep as much terrain accessible with minimal lifts, I can understand the need to watch margins when the majority of skiers on the hill are pass holders.


BC, who knows Snowbird as well as most, took us to Mineral Basin first. After a quick warmup run, BC took us out to the "Bookends" which had the best corn in the morning..corn flakes are always good first thing in the AM. The four of us made a good 6 laps over there until it started to get sticky towards the bottom. 














After we spent the morning in Mineral Basin, we decide to head to the frontside down under and past the Little Cloud lift. Before heading over there, BC, took a shot of TC, 4Ster and myself at the top of the Mineral Basin lift with SLC in the background. If you notice 4Ster is sporting the Ski Logik Epicski skis he won in your contest:



Heading over to the Gad Valley side of the mountain was some beautiful cream cheese groomers for the first 2/3's then got sticky real fast..not fun for the bottom. While the top was indeed fun, the bottom was a bit more work (and a bit thin) for our pleasure. After that run we headed back to the Tram because we heard that Silver Fox into Chips was still skiing quite well. On the Tram ride up, I got a call from Royal, one of Epic's Vintage ski aficionados to meet up at the top. Unfortunately, we put the camera back in the car before we met Royal. Royal was donning an awesome retro Kastle T-shirt and skiing in some very vintage Lange XLR's, a boot that he has been in for 27 years. The word on the conditions were correct, the Silver Fox area into Chips Run were skiing very well. The five of us skied this area for a couple of runs until the sticky snow crept it's way up the hill here too and the bottom became too much work. The two ladies and myself quit at that point but 4Ster and Royal..stayed out and played. Game. Set. Match for our season. 


We would like to thank Snowbird for doing a commendable job in keeping their mountain open this (relatively) late in this marginal snow year. While we expected this spring trip to include a couple of areas still be able to be skied, Snowbird is the only one that was able to stay open. If anyone is planning to be there for this last weekend, you are in luck because Snowbird still has some very good snow. 

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Such a gorgeous day!  Fun to see you guys.  It was really kind of odd to be able to walk on the Tram & actually have room to walk around from one side to the other.



Royal & I ended up skiing till the end after meeting up with one of my Basin buddy's.  Last couple of runs on Regulator were pretty darn good.


Thanks for the day, enjoy CO.


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Phil and Trek:

What boards were you riding at Snowbird?

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Originally Posted by gmartini View Post

Phil and Trek:

What boards were you riding at Snowbird?

Phil - 2013 Bonafide,  Me - 2013 Blizzard Samba. 


I really like the Samba for a road trip.  It will do nearly anything I want it to in a variety of conditions.

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