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mountain biking, Be safe..

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Hi guys. Just a quick warning, We want you all back for ski season. Be careful. My buddies went Mountain bikeing last weekend in Tahoe and one of the gang took a tumble. Cracked helmet (thankfully he was wearing one). He insisted he was ok and they completed the ride. He couldn't drive home (not feeling well) so one of his friends drove home and helped him to his apartment. He later called and needed to be taken to the hospital. Ruptured spleen!

He's doing ok now but the lesson and warning,
If you take a tumble, don't be proud or macho, if anything doesn't quite feel right get checked out.. Wear your safety gear! (guess this goes for skiing too) and as I have mentioned in the past, Stack the deck in your favor if you can!

Take care all..
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Good thought, Dchan! Just finished up with some major rash myself. This time of year, I keep the pow in mind!
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keep the rubber side DOWN!
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ALWAYS RIDE WITH OTHERS!!! I am a veteran of a number of bad falls and misfortunes out on the trail and the common denominator for safety is to not go alone (this from somewone who actually prefers to ride alone)--if my wife ever caught me doing this or heard about it, I'd be a soprano.
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you guys are too funny... all the additional posts about other "activities" and being safe.

An update. My friend is recovering well. he's now complaining about how weak he feels. (understandable after a ruptured spleen). He thinks he should feel a lot stronger and not have lost so much energy but it sounds like he is itching to get out again and be active again.
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Just a quick tip........

Dont put your arms out to break the fall if gravity is getting the better of you! Try to roll and take away some of the momentum that way...i know alot of people who have broken arms by going 'arm first' to the ground. One guy broke both arms and had a cast on each arm above the elbow. You can imagine som of the every day dificulities there!!

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please tell me you stitched it yourself, on the trail, with glide gore tex dental floss.......
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It's not the small falls i'm talking about! I mean cuts we can handle..they sure are part of the fun, but having to nurse two broken arms while while it's snowing outside is a different story!
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All this talk about being safe made me nervous so I finally bought a set of lights for when I night ride. Amazing how much faster you can go when you can see the trail...
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actually duct tape makes a great temporary suture.
SLC is nice. Brewfestival tomorrow.
tried some Scape GOat beer from your neck of the woods. Tasty. Most of the Hghwy construction here is done. you gonna make another trip in the early season if we are blessed again? be fun to ski & chat with you.
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