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Do i need toe lift

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ski boots dobermann wc 150 boot length 305,skis dobermann RD SL bindings marker comp red/white din up to 16.

Heel of binding is raise alot feel a little un balance on ski for/aft .

Any thoughts.

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Din up to 16???


Need more info:


shoe size?

calf Circumference at top of liner?

length of foot in cm?



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Best way to find out is to try one.  There really is no way to determine whether you need one or not from any measurements you send.  In general though we've seen that many skiers prefer a flatter setup than comes from the manufacturers, even a few mm makes a difference.  Put a shim between the AFD and the boot to test.  Just remember that you won't have reliable toe release so ski carefully and remove them once you decide if it works.  If yes have shims installed under your boot toes or under the binding toe.


Good luck!



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Calf 14 inchs at top,shoe size 9,foot length 27cm.

Bindings marker comp 16.0, difference between toe and heel is 5mm.

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Your knee is going to be about 8mm to far forward plus the 5mm of delta angle (tilts the boot forward more) will cause a lot of "backseatitus"--- equals ragged out quads.  Try what Lou said, plus make sure you have removed the spoiler from between the shell and liner if one is in there.  You may need to have the boot uprighted (upper 4 inches of shell bent back) to eliminate the issues with too much forward lean for your leg.



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Many thanks for your reply.

Yes i do feel a bit backseat ,on steeper terrain even more ,have also had a little quad burn to .

I will remove spoiler from boot ,toe lift binding say 3mm ,how do you bend or move cuff back ?

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eddy,  If you click on the link to the left, You can see and read about a tool we developed to securely hold a set of boots and pull the upper cuff to the rear---both boots at the same time to the same angle. we then heat 4 inches vertically in the side wall of the upper shell, after the shells cool down the boot will then hold the new angle.


     We came up with this tool because many folks are skiing in the back seat caused by the size of there calf.  Ski boots are generic all models in a boot model size run will have the same forward lean angle, as the boot size gets smaller the boot sole center moves toward the rear of the shell by half the boot size change, but the forward lean does not change,  This causes the angle created by the forward lean to become more acute as the shell size decreases. 


     We often have folks send us there boots with info about there calf circumference and for $50.00 plus shipping we will provide this service, the results are phenomenal, We have found that being off by as little as 2mm will negatively affect your skiing.  If you are concerned about bending the boots, the resulting change can be eliminated by just adding a spoiler, no harm---no foul. 



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Many thanks for that link .

Looks a great tool and judging by the photos it has a good range to move the cuff.

I would be interested in sending the boots at present i am in europe then uk so not sure how practical that would be .

You have my measurements etc how far do you think my cuff needs to move back ?are there any do it yourself ways ?

I have 2 pairs of these boots so i have a spare ,or is sending them to you a possibility?

Once again thank you for spending your  time on this.

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Get in touch with CEM (Colin Martin) in Bicester UK---listed in this forum---he has one of our tools and understands how to use it---I have no idea how much he charges but it will be worth what ever the cost.



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I reread your post, are you permanently in Europe or just on a temporary basis.



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I noticed you asked a question I didn't answer---have a piece of plastic cut and drilled to fit and then installed under your binding toe pieces to make the toe and heel the same height,  then have the boots pulled back so they have 52mm of forward lean,  measure from a vertical surface placed behind the heel (carpenters square etc.) to the liner at the top of the shell.  52mm of forward lean will bring the center of Your hip over (or just barely ahead of) the boot sole center with a nearly vertical femur---you will be standing on your bones for support, not hanging on your quads and wearing them out.



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