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Should I get new skis?

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Two years ago, I purchased a pair of 2010 Line Prophet 90's with Rossignol Freeski2 120 L Composite Ski Bindings.  I also still have my old 2006 Line Invaders, which I don't use since they're 151cm. with some Marker binding I believe.  The problem is I'm 5'10 and feel like the Prophet 90's are too long at 186cm.  If I were to sell both these skis and bindings, how much could I fetch and what skis would you recommend?  And what is usually a good size ski for someone that's 5'10 that likes to ski tight spaces like trees, chutes, bumps, yet still conquer powder.

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Can't comment on how much you'll get for the skis but as far as ski size and ski choice are concerned, I'm 5'9" (175cm), so you're about 178cm. Assuming you're a pretty competent skier judging by what terrain you like to ski, if you want something for powder and still want to throw in tight turns I'd say aim for about 180cm with the skis too. 

For my powder / tree / crud ski I'm currently using a pair of Volkl Bridges (not too common a ski... but I love them) at 179, but as they're twin tip they're pretty much my height. I weigh 72Kg (~160lbs), they're 95mm (so not too fat for some tighter spots... and still good to carve) and I've barely got any problems in even bottomless powder. They work well for trees, chutes, you name it, bumps are fine, took a bit of getting used to as I'd never skied bumps with anything wider than 80mm but as long as they're not too icy the skis perform well.
Hope that helps somewhat.

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Get rid of the Invaders.

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You won't get much of anything for either ski; go check ebay for a preview. I'd bet $100 for two together. More to the point, why did you move from one difficult to sell length, 151, to another, 186? You should be on skis in the middle 170's for your height and the type of terrain you ski. Add a couple of cm if twins, couple more if rockered. 

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I'm 5'9" 170 pounds and I use a 192 cm 99 waist twin for powder.  I've got a 91 waisted 183 cm flat tail that skis longer than the 192 twins-lots of tail off the ground back there.  I have no trouble slinging either one around in tight trees. 

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There are more answers needed from you.  If you think you need, than you probably do. Is my thought.


Hey how are your boots? What boots are you using now? How is the fit of said boots? This is so we can get an idea of what the shape of you foot is like if your in need. (If you do need boots I'd get them first.)


Back to your question...Are you looking to have a two or three ski quiver eventually? This is a good time to get that plan figured out. Your probably looking for another single pair now to go with your 2010 Prophets.


I just did this exercise back a few months with a former model. All her gear was to old IMHO. Her SKI gear, that is! redface.gif Ah Moving on....


How much do you weigh?


What's your budget like for this suggested action of madness? Remember you'll want new bindings too.


Where do you usually ski? In state? Out of state? Percentage of the time in and out?


Once you answer these questions hopefully someone in ski gear sales can give you a better zero.


You like to ski the same places I do so, I can tell you there are a lot of skis out there and now is the time to buy them IMHO. Not in the fall when the gapers get a full list beat down.


For me, I like the 170-180 cm. Kastle and Blizzard lines for these areas of skiing you mention. 

Pricey yep! (What ain't these days brother?)

But understand that they are awe inspiring weapons in quality, performance and versatility.

I'm a sick fool for things like them. And models that ring me up and ask me "When are we going skiing?"

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