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road bike redux

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After some months riding it I thought I would share my experiences with my custom Nobilette road bike. (http://www.nobilettecycles.com)

After every ride I am left with a glowy feeling in my guts. What is that I asked? It’s all about the smooth, stable, precise, efficient ride of a frame built to fit my body. My tig welded, metallic blue to black fade True Temper steel bike is light and responsive and predictable and man it accelerates beautifully and loses no power in the pedal stroke.

All of that combined with the feeling that I made all the right choices from the builder to the components (economicaly priced yet smooth working Campy Daytona…that 10th cog, the 25, I love you!) to the paint scheme to the shop that fit me and put it all together (http://www.vecchios.com). For just under 3 grand I got myself a bike that loves to be ridden fast or slow, up or down; it seems to disappear beneath me due to the proper fit.

It’s not just a tool, it’s a love thing, I tell you what. So if you are considering a bike Nobilette is a great option. I could have done it cheaper: I could have walked into Performance (what a crappy shop with crappy service!! But cheap prices) and laid down money for some factory built Giant compact road bike with Ultegra components less the corners they cut to keep the price down. I could have ordered up a bike from a higher end catalogue shop and wound up with even a ti bike for less. But, why? I wanted it done right. And that is what I got. And that is where the glowy feeling comes from. I tell you what.

PS: A crack formed in the weld of my Litespeed soft tail. Am I concerned? No. LS will fix it or replace it. In the meantime I have this wonderful bike to ride. I am enjoying getting back on the road in big gears after some time sans road rig. It may cramp my plan for sept and oct trail riding in them thar hills but I can handle it cuz I gots my love toy.<FONT size="1">

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Chimp, Sounds like you've found a great ride. I haven't gotten to Vecchio's to check out their recommendations yet, but it seems that they've fit you to a "T" My roadie dream is on hold since my SO and I bought a DaVinci Tandem. On the other hand, the DaVinci is my roadie dream because I can indulge in one of my summer passions with my best friend and we can cruise at 19 to 20+ on the flats together. Not too bad for a couple of 50+ year young geezers?

Enjoy your Nobilette!! Maybe we can get together with some of the other Denver area bears and do a ride before the summer is finished. <FONT size="1">

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Astrochimp - It's a great feeling isn't it? I went the less expensive route (Lemond Zurich) as I wasn't sure I'd like road riding and didn't want to drop the motherload on a road bike. It's 853 steel with a carbon fork and a dream to ride though.

I just did about a 50 miler yesterday (17.1 mph on the way out and 20.3 on the return trip). I ended the ride with a similar glow to what you mentioned. I never thought I'd like road riding as much as I do.
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Well, I just had my reply vanish so here goes again...

Gonz, I tossed performance in there a comparison. I think of it as a cheap place more in the CHEESE and CLASS sense than in price. I like Supergo better...I have scored a few great tire deals there.

Bong, ever think of an off-road tandem? I'd love to meet a SO who not only rode and skied but would want to do something like singletrack tandem. You are lucky in your togetherness!!

Gill, the Zurich is one of the best deals out there for a complete bike. But Lemonds have funky geometry that wasn't right for me. And I was after the best fit I could get. And it was worth the effort. I think I'd rather ride a kmart bike that fit me perfectly than a super pricey trick ti bike that was not sized properly. Well, maybe not but...you know what I mean? If those had worked for me and I wantd the Ultegra I could have saved a lot of money.

No regrets though.

My mtn bike needs a weld repaired. But I plan to ride well till it is back then head to Winter Park before the snow flies and ride my favorite trails. Ever been up there? When the leaves are turning it rocks.

Ride on!!
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I just had to replace my rear XT derailleur, after a stick decided to make a taco of my old one. Supergo had the best deal. $40 and $5 shipping. I think Performance was like $60+
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Litespeed is gonna fix the bike for me as part of the lifetime frame warranty. Or they'll replace it with the newer tricker version of the Tsali. The new version has a rock shox in the rear v. the super simple spring mechanism on mine. Which works great and provides enough cushion. And the tubeset is shaped in funky ways. No more round tubes; they are all planes that look like a round tube. Or something like that.

And when I stripped the frame for shipping...so light. Amazing.

I used to ride sewups. No more. Too much hassle and cost. I know people argue they can be pathed etc but I'm not really interested in that. I am very happy with my Mavic Open 4 rims. I first began riding them in about 88 or 89. I got the bike with Vittoria Rubino Pros but the rear tire got all out of wack. I went back to my old fave, Michelin. I used to ride the Hilite Supercomp HD, but that is no more so I am on the Axial Pro and I like the feel better then the Vittoria. More solid? Or just more familiar. It's all so personal. I found they were good at avoiding flats despite receiving many nicks and cuts.

That Serotta sure is a nice ride. Funky too the way they shock the rear wheel. Ron is a good guy. He helped me with a bike fit some time ago. I was totaly impressed by his presence and Steve Bauer's yellow jersey up on the wall and all the super sweet bikes in the fitting room. Wheatridge Cyclery gets high marks. Lots of bikes and friendly people who know their stuff. Too far away for it to be my shop though.

A bonus if living in Boulder is that riders who were idols, icons, heroes, etc, who were only photographs in Winning Magazine and Velo News are now people you see at the grocery store or in their shop or buying skating skis or on the road. Keifel, Hampston, Grewal, Phinney to name the obvious few.

Not uch riding this weekend I think. I am off to Ween at Red Rocks then X tomorrow night in Denver at a small place. Like...ROKK!
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update: ween was good but red rocks is to
big a place for them. And the endless jam jazz band that opened was painful. Hated them.

X was cleansing. A good bit of slam dancing up in front with a lot of my friends was just the ticket. Getting sweaty with other creatures is good clean fun.

So there.
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