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For you landlubbers, imagine this:

I don't know if you've ever heard of such a thing, but huge schools of bluefish travel throughout Narragansett Bay in RI this time of year. Occasionally and with ferocity, they'll feed on smaller baitfish called bunker, “boiling” the water, as it’s known.

It is quite something to behold. Picture 200 bluefish in an area the size of a small driveway, all jumping out of the water at the same time. The sound is amazing, like one million birds flapping their wings simultaneously, or the sound of marathon runners, in a pack, going by, or maybe the sound of a heavy downpour, times four. Visually, it does seem as though the water is boiling, until the fish move on to another location. It looks like you could walk on water, with all the fish down below.

The fishing in RI this time of year is the best, hands down, no question about it. I take the kayak out to Rumstick Point, and can be assured of hooking up, almost every trip. 2-8 pound fish just dying to eat my popper. Jumping out of the water at the opportunity to be caught, yet released to be landed again another time. It is the best thing, next to skiing pow.