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Marker Griffon vs. Griffon Schizo

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I recently purchased a pair Blizzard Bonafides and wanted some advice on whether the Griifon or Griffon Schizo would better suit needs. I'm 6'0 215 lbs and ski fairly aggressively. Terrain Parks generally aren't my thing but I do enjoy bumps. Any thoughts? If its worth the added investment I'll go Schizo.
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Its the same binding ,but you can change you boot position off center foward or back.The whole cabel design i dont trust,so i like the Griffon Demo bindings.They also do the same and my buds can run um too because can adjust binding to any boot size easy
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It is not, as Scrundy said, the same binding. Yes, it looks the same, and has mostly the same internals.


You can move it fore-aft, which is a fantastic feature, IMO. Mount it where you'd like to ski most, but have the option to move it back a bit on soft/powder days. I can't overstress how terrific it is to move a binding back in pow. I've only done this on a permanent basis on my powder skis, but what a huge difference in how they ski after I moved the bindings back.


I'm not sure of other differences, but I know of one that prevents me from buying the Schizo version. The AFD on the normal Griffon ('11-'12 model and newer) is height-adjustable. This is unlike almost every other alpine binding out there. The AFD on Marker bindings (Squire, Griffon and the non-pro version of the Jester, plus all their AT bindings) is the reason I've converted to them. I use boots with AT soles on them. The AT sole is thicker (higher toe height) and rubber, so it won't slide well on a fixed AFD and the standard toe height on alpine bindings isn't high enough. I've had great luck with Squires and Griffons with my Dynafit Zzeus boots. I wish the schizo version were an option for me.


AFD = Anti Friction Device - the gizmo under the ball of your foot that allows the boot to release.

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There is really very little reason to experiment with the binding mount point on the Bonafide, the factory mount point works fine, so go with the regular Griffons.  Schizo is just extra money for a feature that you most likely won't use.  Bone is not a powder ski. 

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At your size and aggressiveness, you would be better off instead of paying the difference for the Schizo, upgrade to the Jester, it is a stronger version with magnesium toe wings and heel parts. OR even a Salomon Sth14 or Look Pivot 14, both less than the Jester or Griffon Schizo. 



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What was initially said, but want to reinforce is that the Griffon is a available as a demo binding, which has all the advantages of the Schizo, but it's lighter without needless complexity and cheaper.

It's what I'm putting on all my skis now, as it can move around if fore-aft adjustment is important to you, and can accommodate a bunch of boot sizes as I readjust for my kids on a regular basis, and can sell them ready to run
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Thanks everyone. I appreciate it.
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I agree with Phil on the Jester, best freeride binding I've used, although I've only ever had the chance to try the Griffons for a day, so a comparision is a little bit difficult.

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