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Hey ryan, Props to Michael and Ferrari. Drivers championship and Constructors title.
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Hey ryan, I,m talking to you!
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You can talk to me too.
Here in Dairy Air the Madison branch of the Wiscosin Alfa Romeo Owners Club meets at The Blue Moon Tavern at 6:30 AM on Sundays to Watch the F-1 races, drink special F-1 Bloody Marys and cheer for (who else)Ferrari and Schumi.
Being Irish I'm also an Eddie Irvine fan.
Check out my website:
Autocross is just like ski racing except with cars. Have you tried it?
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SLATZ, Thanks for the link. Hot looking bike, but 70K is a little out of my range. I will have to be satisfied with driving my friend's Ferrari when I whine so much that he gives in.
What's up with Ralph's team leaving his ride on the jacks. Very embarrassing.

It was interesting seeing how the lack of downforce effected Rubens car. He had to keep the speed down and still the car was very loose.

I can't believe how those cars are engineered. Burti hit those tires at a high rate of speed and doesn't appear to be badly injured.

Had planned to attend Indy this year, but job and family issues got in the way. Anyone going?
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i wish. hopefully not a repeat of last year when mika blew up.
props to fisichella, too. further evidence that these drivers aren't as far apart as their cars are.
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I think I would have to give Michael the edge over Rubens on skiing.
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I understand that the first time Rubens ever tried skiing was at his first Ferrari event.
Michael doesn't look as good as he did in that Speedvision clip.
Just made my reservations at the Super 8 in Shelbyville Ind. About 30 miles from the track. $90/night, they wanted $200 in Indy up on the north end of town about the same distance.
I noticed the commentators talking about how fast Rubens was able to go without his front wing. I think thats the reason their nose droops this year. With the higher front wings they get some downforce with it.
Definetly amazing the crashes those tubs withstand. Did you see Villenuve and Zonta crash a couple years ago at Spa?
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Mika takin' some time...

also, some teams giving $$$ to help. <FONT size="1">

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Can Mika take a year at home?
I noticed Michael refused comment on the WTC tradgedy. I wonder why? Personal safety?
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Actually Michael did make a comment on WTC but it was brief and not deep in content.

I noticed that the nose of the Ferrari was black. I'm wondering if they modified the design or just haven't painted it yet.
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modified. no sponsor logos this week. (oughta be on this evening's FREE PRACTICE telecast on speedvision.)<FONT size="1">

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Well Juan Pablo got one finally. Pretty shakey deal where he straightlined that chicane to keep Michael from passing him after locking up the brakes. The Speedvision announcers questioned it but that's all I heard. I wonder if Michael would have said something if he would have made the podium?
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Mika fastest after Friday free practice...
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and Michael takes the pole, Mika second...
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ryan, Mika finally does it. Is this his swan song in F-1?
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no way of telling. i'm sure this helps toward salvaging something of a very frustrating year. mclaren finally got it together. putting in a new engine next year, too.
he says he just wants to refresh himself but who knows what he'll decide. he might really like just watching his kid grow up. but it's also apparent he can still be THE driver to beat. i'm sure mclaren will want him if he does decide to return, but so will other teams. drivers have taken time then come back to win championships. anyway, he'll find out how much he really wants to race, and win.

on to suzuka, then time to get ready to SKI.
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What a show! Great sights and sounds. We had good seats in section J right by turn one with pretty good visibility to turn 5. We could see all the way back to where they came onto the main straight.
Too bad about Rubens engine. He would have taken Mika for sure. He was gaining more than half a second per lap then he ran about 3 slow laps and lost a little. The next time he came out of 2 his engine didn't hit pitch. The next time around I saw a puff of smoke on the video in the back straight. Then Michael and DC passed on the front and it let go on the back. Too bad but Mika's had an unlucky year and maybe this will encourage him to come back in 03.
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How about Jean Alesi? I think the red ones will be "on" tonight. I'll bet Juan Pablo was running "light".
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great for alesi. hope he rips in q-fying. an example of a guy who came on strong when he first entered the scene. here's to hoping he finishes strong, too (behind mika and david ).

another good thing about F-1 is how the end of the season segues right into ski time.

rubens says he doesn't want michael's help to get to 2nd in driver points...

and i love not having to be up before the roosters to watch a race.

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Looks like Michael got the job done. .7 sec ahead and the three fastest laps of the session. That new chassis works.
I don't know which is worse, getting up at 6:00 AM or staying up till 3:00 AM.

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yes, michael looked pretty much in charge. should be tough to beat. we'll see how it plays out. wish his brother would shut his trap. jeez, what a whiner.
talk to y'all more about it monday.

by the way, you think you have it rough with the hours, try getting up at 4-damn-30 in the morning. it's been nice with indy and japan to be able to watch the races at a decent time.

GO MCLAREN MBZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yeah, I was in Ashland OR for one race but the local cable didn't have it. BTW the owner of the 76 station on I 5 there used to work for Juan Manuel Fangio. She has lots of pictures of herself and him in the office.
I think if Ralf doesn't shut up he might get his wish but the number one will be Montoya.
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A fitting ending for the season(if you're a tifosi). DC said Mika let him by to avoid the interview. It looks like next year may be a BMW year. We'll see. I'll bet there are a lot more "drooped" noses next year. Michael and Luca have been turning so quick laps at Fiorano with "next year's" parts.
Perfect timing, now it's time to get the ski season rolling(sliding?).
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