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Speaking of malt liquor

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Recently, I made a little stop at the local Winn-Dixie, saw what I could pick out, since I drank my last couple bottles at a barbeque yesterday. Ended up picking up a couple bottles of Steel Reserve. At $1.49 for a forty ounce bottle, you cannot find a better malt liquor for the price. The bouquet is pleasantly musky, and the bubbles effervesce upon the palatte, as the malt hints of varietal barley, with the slightest notion of honey. The slightly salty aftertaste is pleasant as well.

Another to pick up would be King Cobra forty ounces. Hey, at $1.79, its a little bit more expensive, but the buzz is a little more intense, with a heartier aroma. I'd stack these in my trunk till the bumper hit the ground!
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King Cobra
"dont let the smooth taste fool ya"

steel reserve sells in big steel cans in the liquor stoes of Utah as a "high gravity lager" actually one of the only malt liquors I can stomach any more.
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