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Lookout getting a new chairlift this summer

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Beginner's ropetow is being replaced with a Chair this summer. Not what you were hoping for, right? smile.gif The new chairs up Eagle Peak are still a few years out, but moving forward with environmental impact studies. (Wonder if ropetow will go to terrain park?)


Mt Spokane got some money from the state legislature to add some lodge improvements. Not sure if that is happening this summer or not? They plan to add a fireplace and more seating.


Also, I'm sure you are aware by now: 49's Angel Peak chairlift goes in this summer.

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Chairlifts in beginner areas is pretty awesome.  Beginners have to learn how to use the chair somewhere, eh?

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Looks like they got approval to add the new (triple) lift this summer to the "Success" beginners area:




Update: The chair came from Terry Peak Ski Area, South Dakota. I think it's this one: 


Riblet installed in 1996 with 76 ft vertical 586 ft inclined length, 28 triple chairs, 4 towers, and 30 HP AC motor 

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I rode that chair.  It was cold at Terry Peak.  Hope they keep that part of it.  


Good for Lookout, they are doing a really nice job at growing the area conservatively. 

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New lift towers going up on Angel Peak at 49 Degrees North:






This new lift will make 49 feel a lot bigger.. and the mid-mountain lodge is still coming next summer.


POV of the terrain under the lift line:


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Footings for the new beginners triple (Success) at Lookout:



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Mt Spokane lodge expansion rendering:





To be completed before this coming season. Basically expanding over where the deck by the bar stood and refurbishing everything underneath (rental shop). They used to have more photos available but took them down.


Wraps up the updates for what's new in the area for next season. Not aware of any expansion at Silver or Schweitzer.

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I guess Silver added a new advanced run in Chair 4 basin for next season. Anyone know more about this?


Not sure if they are just naming some nameless areas off Wardner or actually cut a new run?

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Mike haven't heard anything about a new run off Wardner.   Maybe someone will know at Ski Swap. Was at Lookout last week (cleaning u-p deadfalls on the _____________area. Two new tower bases in on backside of Chair 2 and new beginner area chair is up and almost ready for test runs.  Have been watching internet etc. for special sales on lifts and packages and have seen nothing so far.

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The new run at Silver drops from around the snow study plot on Ridge Run. Skiers right of Moonshine. Should be a nice fall line intermediate/advanced run.


Good job getting your stash at Lookout cleared out. Hopefully we will be skiing it pretty soon, if this weather pattern continues.

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