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S3 or ???

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Looking for some input on skis for my husband, he is a 5'8" 200lbs aggressive skier.  He skis mostly off trail and likes to hit the mogul runs.  We ski in Idaho and take a ski trip to the sierras every year.  He has been skiing rossignol z11s in a 170 for the last few years.  I also had the z11s but I demoed and bought the rossignol s3w at the end of the season.  I was not able to drag him along for the demos.  Now that I've got new skis he'll be wanting some as well.  I have considered the S3 for him but everything I've read has me wondering if he'll overpower them.  I did demo some other skis and on the basis of that I have some other thoughts on what he might like. I think he might like the Bonafides but I know he's wanting a twin tip.  They are also pretty well sold out everywhere from what I can see.  So should I go with the S3?  If so, what size?  Is there something like the bonafide that is a twin?

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If he is powerful like you say, he can overpower the S3. Is he keeping the Z11 and getting this to complement it or wil this be a one ski quiver for him? While the Bonafide does have early rise in the tip and tail, it is by no means a twin. The Bone is an awesome choice as is the Line Prophet 98 and Nordica Hell & Back. As far as length, around a 180 should be good for his weight.

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