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Mammoth Mountain Sprint!

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SOCAL skiers -


I am presently living overseas but will be back in LA for a week. I have zero days on snow this year thus I am thinking of making a sprint to Mammoth for one day of skiing the week of May 13th. Anyone been to the Mammoth in May? Heading up from Ventura so I expect a 5 hour drive. I plan on leaving mid afternoon, spending the night and skiing the morning till it gets mushy. I know this breaks my rule of never drive longer than you will spend on snow, but it might be worth it.


Any advice?  any deals?

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I skied Mammoth last Wed. and the spring skiing was pretty good. If your dieing to make some turns the skiing should be OK. The closer to the 13th the better as the coverage is thinning, but Mammoth does a great job of grooming and keeping the runs open. Cheapest lodging is Motel 6, and you can buy tickets at for $69 a day.

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Skied Mammoth this last weekend and I have to say it was good to very good spring skiing. Coverage on Cornice Bowl was quite adequate, no rocks showing at all. Stump Alley, on the other hand, has several large and growing brown patches. I have heard that many on ski patrol have been laid off, and that may explain why the brown patches aren't marked. Chair 3 and Broadway had very good coverage. Rode up 23, but from the sound of it, Wipe Out/Drop Out chutes never softened up enough to not be characterized as death cookie surfaces. I did not try those, nor did much of anyone else. The bad news is that it will be in the 70s even up on the hill by mid week. The groomers are spraying salt as they groom, so at least the mountain is doing everything they can to honor their promise of staying open through Memorial Day.


BTW, I have 2 more $69 Friends and Family invitations on my MVP pass that are unused, so if you don't find a better deal, PM me with your email address and I can sign you up. One invitation is good for as many consecutive days at that price as you want.

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