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What to do with conflicting advice?

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So, I decided to follow that advice I'd been getting for years and to invest my gear money in a good set of boots for next season.  I figured at the end of a very sub-par Eastern ski year the local shops might have excess inventory and maybe I could find a good deal.   I visited two local boot fitters in central Vermont and got conflicting recommendations.


The first shop had lots of inventory and plenty of options for me to try on.  I ended up really liking the Tecnica Demon 130 (with Superfeet Green insoles).  The 110 version was a decent second.  I can't really remember what else I tried on.  I know there was one Head boot and one Solomon that I didn't like as well.  I also tried the 2010 Demon and didn't like it as much either.


The second shop only had the Lange RX 120 in my size, which felt pretty good in the shop (again with Superfeet Green insoles), and admittedly was attractive since it was $125 less and the Demon 130 and $75 less than the Demon 110.


Both fitters were great to work with.  Both seemed to take the time to look at my foot and provide opinions on what the key concerns might be in finding/fitting the right boot.  The 2nd actually did more work to check my stance and alignment in the boots and was pretty happy without having to make any adjustments.


The conflicting opinion is that the first bootfitter mentioned that he would never put me in Lange RX series boot due to the "height" of my foot (basically where the 2nd buckle hits).  We discussed it as I actually started out being my normal "cheap" self and ordered a pair of RX 110's on-line.  I tried them on at home thought they fit well but thought they were a little soft and decided to go get some real profession advice.  (In comparison to my old Nordica GTS-8 boots probably anything close would feel good.)  


With the comments from the first shop in mind, yes, I could feel some amount of pressure under the 2nd buckle when I tried on the Langes at the shop, and again with the 110s at home, but nothing I would have described as unconfortable.  I don't know if I was focusing on that just because of the comments or not.  The 2nd boot fitter didn't seem concerned about it when I mentioned that is were the boots felt the tightest.


Ultimately, I'm interested in other opinions.  If the Lange does end up ultimately feeling too tight after a full day of use on the mountain, is this something that can be "fit?"  Both shop owners offer lifetime fit adjustments.




Thanks in advance

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no one but you knows how any of the boots feel.   As long as your foot didn't go numb, or fall a sleep, you should be fine with either of them.


make sure you have a very thin sock on, and that the shell fit of the boot is 5-15mm  NO MORE.


ifi you are not sure, go smaller, and stiffer, as boots can be made larger and softer.


good luck

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Thanks for the response.   Now I just have to wait 7 months for the snow.

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