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Pain in the Foot

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On my right foot I have a sharp pain where the toe, the one next to the pinky toe, meets the ball of the foot. I can ski half a day before it starts. It only starts when I'm eating lunch, not when I'm skiing. When I take off the boot for about a half an hour it stops. But starts again after skiing for an hour. Other than that the boots feel very comfortable, there's no other pain. I could continue skiing with the pain for I only feel it when riding the lift.


After trying Atomics, Technica, Nordica, Lange and Salomon boots I bought DaleBoots. After several fittings and stretchings the boots were good to go, except for this pain. I'm working with a bootfitter who made a set of custom beds.He did make a small depression in the footbed under the spot where the pain occurs, but it didn't help.  The boots fit very tight, I wear a street 10.5 shoe, the boots are 26.5, 309 shell. With these boots I can ski the steeps and bumps with more control that ever. At Snowbird I finally was able to ski the steep runs off the western side of the Cirque and below the Bookends.


I started skiing at age 53, currrently 65. I consider myself an advanced intermediate skier. If this one problem could be solved I would have perfect ski boots. Any suggestions?

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please check the shell fit in length and width


check the Check List for Fitting


answer the Things to Ask:  Better Or Worse = (BOW)




this can help us, help you a lot.

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whilst you should know the size etc of the boot based on the info in the wiki, it sounds very much to me as though you are suffering the effects of a nerve neuroma, the description of location and type of pain fits,and the fact that removing the boot for a period of time takes it away and allows you to continue, worth having this checked out by your doctor and having it confirmed, (i can only base my assumption on the info you have given) in most cases there is a simple fix, especially if it is only happening in ski boots, but occasionally they need surgery


good luck getting sorted

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Thanks for the suggestion, CEM.


Are you also a Doctor? I ask because I talked to 2 doctors and both stated that you are likely correct about what is causing the pain. They recommended an injection of steroids (?) in the problem foot. I'm going to try it.

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not quite, i am a certified pedorthist like a few of the guys on the forum, i studied in NYC in 2002 to basically get more biomechanical knowledge

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I agree with CEM about the diagnosis but would recommend not ignoring the pain as it is quite likely to get substantially worse.  The footbeds made for you sound as if they have the wrong modification to alleviate the pain and rather then having a small depression under the affected area the footbed should have a slight upward bubble to maintain or increase spacing between the two adjacent joints.  The depression will decrease the spacing.



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