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Interesting thread on "The Purpose of Arguement"

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From Kuro5hin.org - a thread starting with a long article analyzing the purpose of arguement on the internet (Usenet, webboards, etc.)

The K5 site is a bunch of computer geeks, although a bit tamer than /. is. So some of the specific examples don't carry over to here, to R.S.A, to Powder, to PSL. But I think the general comments do apply.

Entire thread starts at http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2001/8/11/122314/147

An interesting (and Epic-ski germane?) comment at:

Not a lot going on here today, so I figured I'd throw this out for discussion.
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Intriguing! Having lurked and participated in various usenet and message forums, this is indeed a disturbing phenomena.

There often seems to be a bit of cognitive dissonance involved here. Someone realizes that have met their match; the person they are arguing with is more knowledgeable on the topic than they are, and one's pride is hurt.

Unfortunately, your lovely wife, {the Goddess LM} has been the recipient of many attacks from testosterone poisoned males, who cannot handle the fact there may be some topics about which she is more knowledgeable.

Nonetheless, The Harbian Wars aside, Epic Ski seems a tad more civilized than other message forums.<FONT size="1">

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But I'll give you £0.10 for it!

Gotta understand the dynamics of making and refuting argument. It's the nature of the beast: the, ahem, paradigm of graduate education! Heh


Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!
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Check out the stance width thread in the Teaching topic. Someone used "paradigm" today
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But remember, only Elans are truly new Paradigm skis. Others are merely shaped.
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Ah, for the good old days of truly deceptive social psychology experiments, when Leon Festinger and his ilk could infiltrate cults, coin psychobabble phrases, and write bestselling (in the academy at least) tomes.

Hmm... "When PMTS Fails" - could be their big sequel.

(just joking SCSA!)

My college roommate painted "Cognitive Dissonance" on his fraternity Pledge Paddle. Making the point that being paddled was a means of reducing dissonance. "I must really want to join this House if I'm putting up with all this pain."

Me, I just organized a gang of dissatisfied pledges to pick up the pledgemasters VW Beetle and carry it onto the suspension bridge over the gorge. Thought that was less subtle. Guess I'm a behaviorist.
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Did anyone note that at the bottom of that last thread...... good ol...


On the aforementioned topic, I have but one comment. Bullshit!

....sorry, couldn't resist..

I do think that there is a classic schizophrenic aboard that posts under several names. This sadly demented and depraved individual should be vetted out.
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VW Bug - suspension bridge - gorge

Sounds like a Cornell kind of prank.

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There are quite a few type "A" personalities that ski as well as who are active in other sports, the business world and politics. Their competitive natures coupled with the fact that there is no risk of physical confrontation on the internet can make for even more aggressive behavior on the part of a few of these folks.

I'm not Sigmond Frued but there is least one participant who seems to have a bi-polar disorder. That person could really benifit from some help and likely be much happier for it.

I really enjoy this forum. At its best which is most of the time it's fun, witty, informative and very educational. I especially enjoy B.Barnes, Pierre Eh, D. Chan, Tog, Melllo Boy and Robin & Rio's contributions. And there are a lot of great posts by most of the other regulars on this Board.

For the less than a handful that doon't fall into the above category I find it pretty easy just to ignore them.
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Because of the nature of forums and chatrooms, anyone who chooses to participate has to accept the reality that, at best, other participants may misunderstand your posting and react in a way that you feel is inappropriate or uncalled for. And, at worst, there are people on line whose purpose it is to be disruptive and argumentative.

There are those, however, whose naivete and egocentric enthusiasm make them targets. They should learn to take what they perceive to be personal attacks with a grain of salt. "Flamers" depend on reaction from their targets. If they get none they will be off to be a nuisance on another forum. Righteous indignation, defensiveness and childish threats to leave and never come back accomplish nothing other than to fuel the "flamer's" fire.

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