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I have a chance to buy some very nice 2012 mx88 for $550.00 178cm.  I'm looking for something I can have fun on piste with while I teach my girlfriend some things.  Would the new mx83's be better for groomers, bumps and ice?  Rossi S3 186cm is my daily driver out west. I also have some prophet 90's and some lords.  Just wanted something to tear up hardpack better.  Any thoughts would help.  Thanks 

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A MX88 for 550 is 7/8th what the MX83 will do for you for 1/2 the price. Neither are a good teaching ski. But this will give you an 86, 88 and 90mm wide skis...that doesn't make too much sense. If you must have a Kastle (and everyone must at some point), keep a lookout for a MX78 or even a MX/RX70, they would fit into your quiver and what you are looking for better. 

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^^^^ This, mostly. Agree that a nice MX88 for half the price of a new MX83 is a no brainer. You're talking about 5 mm diff in float, which is trivial, mostly the new 83's are for folks who fit between the 168 and 178 lengths. But as Phil says, neither does much to expand your quiver/versatility, and IMHO, none of the MX series except maybe the MX70 would be good teaching skis. Unless you're already level III.


OTOH, while your other skis are fairly similar in waist widths, as a group they're all softer and more soft snow oriented than any of the Kastles mentioned. If you want a Kastle that will shine on frontside snow, but forgiving enough at lower speeds to teach on, I'd go for the FX84. It's definitely a different ski than the MX88, both in mission and in feel. Rocks in trees and bumps as well as hardpack. The MX/RX70 would also work, but more focused on harder snow.


If you stay with the MX88 - and that's a great deal if it's honesty in excellent condition, otherwise, so-so deal - suggest you lose the Prophets, use the Lords for teaching. 

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Well, I happen to think the MX88 and/or 83 are perfect teaching skis. I spent the majority of my season teaching on the RX and the 78, and that's only because I don't have the 88.

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^^^^ Will defer to the level III. biggrin.gif OTOH, OP is not; just wondering (aside from the issue of whether he and his girlfriend will be speaking after he teaches her "a few things") how he'll like his Kastles at lower speeds suitable for teaching. The MX series are not beasts, but they're not push buttons either, and in my experience it takes a very solid skier to handle a ski that wants proper mechanics at lower speeds. Which is why, IMO, most intermediates ski too fast. They don't know how not to.


But since that day I took out my high school girlfriend at the bottom of the run trying to show her how  "to do it like this" eek.gif (she did accept a ride home before breaking up), my teaching has been limited to my sons when they were between classes at age 3. Perhaps not the best authority.

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Thanks for all the info.  I use my lord's as rock/company skis and normally use the 98 waist s3's for everything.  I have been wanting to sell the prophet 90's but use them for company.  I guess I was looking for something that I could use for those icy/snowless days.  I realize that my quiver have similar waists but I wanted something better for hardpack.  The fx84 sounds really nice but how does it work on icy hardpack?  I like that it would be better in trees and bumps but would it be to similar to my other skis? My girlfriend hasn't punched me in the face yet and she is getting better.  I'm able to speed down and dip into the trees or bumps and let her do her thing. The only painful thing is that I have to wait for her.  She knows she will be skiing by herself on powder days too.   I had some fischer 7.6 big stix that I gave my brother and still have some old screams that I could use.  I just thought that these mx88 looked like a good deal.

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Husker, the FX84 is pretty nice on hardpack. Meaning probably better than 75% of all "carvers" over 72 mm. Not as damp-grippy as the MX78 or 88, and not a dedicated front side ice skate like the RX12, Stockli CX/SX, or several others, but significantly grippier than any of the BMX series. Life's a tradeoff; hard to think of a ski that's supple and light in bumps or trees and also a great carver. Two competing designs.


Would it be similar to your existing skis? Not really. Would the MX88 be a better call? Well, better deal for sure, and in some ways it would be even more different from your other 3 skis, more of a pure carver happy at silly speeds but still supple in bumps. And you seem to be emphasizing ice/hardpack. Which makes sense; IMO your biggest problem right now is massive redundancy in mission, not waist width. You have three softish, moderate speed skis that overlap a lot in their target terrain. Get something stiffer, more for harder snow, carving. You don't need another dedicated tree/soft bump ski if you own a S3, let alone the other 2. Now if that stiffer means a FX84 or a MX88 or (gasp) a non-Kastle is up to your gut, methinks. But for the price, that MX88's hard to beat...

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