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Ott is 80 this Sunday, yeah

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After the winter that wasn't here I nevertheless skied once or twice a week on 'granular' chopped up ice but so what, it actually skied quite well. But on my birthday this Sunday I will board a cruise ship for seven days in the Bahamas, not bad either.


I am sorry because of my lack in posting here but I was busy chasing my bucket list which is quite extensive.


So I will have a drink with a little umbrella in it on deck toasting EpicSki and all you great guys and gals. And dreaming of Sigi.



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Happiest of birthdays Ott!  Glad you're chasing the bucket list!

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Ott, Ott, Ott! So good to see your name pop up here again. Yes, you have been missed!

You've earned everything on that bucket list. Please have a toast to yourself from that little umbrella-covered drink.

Happy birthday, and all the best to you and Ann!

Best regards,

PS--but please do keep us posted!
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Ott, I wish I had unique words to tell you how you've been missed, but words aren't enough..... 

So, on Sunday, Philpug and I will gather friends together and we'll raise a glass to you, and we'll smile a little when we think of your sweet sign dreams. 


To mimic Bob, Please do keep in touch. 






I think I'll go read a nice summer story now. 

The Second Sigi Story By Ott Gangl


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We are getting in the car now for a six hour drive to Baltimore where we will spend the night in a hotel and board tomorrow.


Thank you my friends, it is nice that someone still remembers me...



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Happy Birthday Ott. Many happy turns!
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Happy Birthday, Ott! Have a great cruise and post up the trip report when you return smile.gif
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Happy Birthday Ott. Did you and Ann make it to Seven Springs this season? Enjoy your cruise and post a Trip Report.

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All the best wishes for your birthday, Ott. Happy turns!
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Wow Ott, happy birthday!

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Happy birthday Ott!  Who'd have guessed Cinco de Mayo!

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Bon Voyage, Ott. Is this trip a birthday present from your bride?
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Happy Birthday!


ps, I ski'd 2 more days than you did during the past winter that never was! Out the door now to focus on my tennis game which is presently way better than my ski game!


Enjoy the Bahamas! Please resume posting next season!

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How old is the hat today?

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Hey! Ich gratuliere dir fuer deine geburstag, Ott.

Herzlichen Glueck wuensch!

Und auch fuer die ferientages ins Bahamas!

(Bitte, bitte, noch eine Sigi geshichte!)


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Happy Birthday Ott. smile.gif

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Happy b_day old timer enjoy your day!smile.gif
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Happy Ott! Cheers :)

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Happy eightieth birthday, Ott! Let's all raise a glass to the best wedeler EVAR!


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Yes happy belated birthday.


Good to know you are still doing well and fulfilling your bucket list.


My Dad is still skiing strong as well. He turned 82 this past March.. There's still hope for the rest of us!

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You bet you,re remembered! Still skiing the ice, mud and rock that t.oo frequently constitutes our skiing surface here really Reinforces your love of the sport. I hope we can catch a brake and have some winter next season. Wishing you great health and great turns.
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I don't know who you are, but you certainly sound awesome, belated happy birthday!


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happy belated a Sigi story too much to ask?  I know, we should be offering gifts to the birthday man, but I can't resist asking!

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Thanks everybody, back from our cruise vacation and happily working to get the house and garden in shape for my big 80th Birthaday, 20-year retirement and 57th wedding anniversary party. 57 years, can you believe it? The secret is always marry a skier and sailor.


As for a last Sigi story, I'll pass because it would be fraught with disappointment, envy and jealousy, it breaks my heart just thinking about it.


Have a good Summer everybody..I hope to still be around next season.



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Have a great trip Ott.....

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Happy 80 Ott!

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