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EP 3: See you next Season

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Not much of winter in Colorado. Though, it was a lot of fun as always.
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Music: SOPA Cobana by Dan Bull



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Looks like fun!

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Like the vibe of that vid, hip and fun, nicely done!.


And LOVE that SOPA track....most excellent.

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Thanks guys! I enjoying trying to make fun/interesting edits.

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great vid - looks like a fun season - you did a good job on the video edits as well, fun to watch! :)

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I watched Festivus for the rest of us.  Very enjoyable film.  Was it mostly shot at Vail?  I recognized a few areas.  What spots did you shoot at?

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Thanks!! I'm glad you guys like my edits.


Festivus was filmed mostly at Vail, but also some east vail, copper mtn., beaver creek, buff pass (steamboat). I think that may be it??

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