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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has new billboards out that claim fishing is cruel. I totally agree. The last time I went, all I caught was a sunburn, three hooks in the back of my thigh and hell from my pals for forgetting the Off.
Unfortunately, this is not what PETA means. PETA means fishing is cruel to the fish. Seriously. PETA plans to put up billboards across the U.S. and in Canada that show a Labrador retriever with a hook in his bloody lip. IF YOU WOULDN'T DO IT TO A DOG, the signs say, WHY DO IT TO A FISH?
And, of course, the answer is: Because fish do not bring me my slippers.
Look, I wailed for the whales. I fumed over fur. I emotionally clubbed myself over the baby seals. But I'll be damned if I'm going to weep over a walleye.
PETA says fish feel pain and that to snag one with a steel hook, drag it along for 50 yards or so and then haul it out of the water so it suffocates is sick. "Why do we throw a Frisbee to some animals and a barbed hook to others?" PETA asks on its website.
And, of course, the answer is: Because fish really suck at catching Frisbees.
PETA thinks it's evil to eat fish, too. But why should we stop eating them when they eat each other? Besides, they had their chance to evolve. They could've crawled out of the primordial ooze with us, but they didn't. They decided to stay behind and swim in the water they pee in and go around never blinking. When fish lift their scaly butts past us in the food chain, they can eat us. Until then, pass the tartar sauce.
PETA even says catch-and-release is cruel. They say the harm and stress caused by being caught and released is sometimes enough to kill the fish later on. As if the fish go straight into therapy after being caught.
Fish: I'm telling you, Doc, I was just minding my own business when I got hauled into the sky, examined by some weird beings and then thrown back!
Fish psychiatrist: Lemme guess. A UFO, right?
I mean, what's PETA going to do? You'll be sitting at the counter in the deli, and suddenly, the PETA police will come running in, shouting, "All right, back away from the tuna melt and nobody gets hurt!" My God, we're talking about fish here. Fish have a brain the size of a corn kernel.
Professor James Rose, a University of Wyoming neuroscientist, studied fish for years and determined that they lack a neocortex (parts of which process the brain's response to pain), much like football fans. Besides, if fish are so smart, why can you catch a fish, throw it back and then, two hours later, catch the same fish? I mean, do you really want to save something dumber than Robert Downey Jr.?
Didn't Jesus fish? He seemed like a pretty sensitive guy. When He zapped up all those fishes for 5,000 people, what do you think He did with them, throw them back?
I know, I know -- I hate hunting. But sitting in the back of a pickup, taking a rifle with an infrared scope and killing a deer from 1,000 yards away is not nearly the same thing as standing up to your spleen in icy rushing river water, trying to cast the perfectly tied fly into the perfect eddy to catch a rainbow trout. Is it our fault that the trout falls for it? Tell you what: I will get behind hunting when hunters come up with a shoot-and-release program.
Why does PETA stop at fish? Where does PETA stand on the plight of the worm? And plankton? And the 1,000,000 micro-organisms that are crushed by your boots every time you go on a nature hike? Have these PETA vegetarians ever gotten close to a broccoli to hear its screams as it's violently yanked from its birthplace and boiled to death?
Fishing is cruel? I always thought fishing was one of the most peaceful things you could do. What are fathers and sons supposed to do together, knit sweaters out of each other's navel lint? What are we supposed to read, Hemingway's Old Man and the Parking Lot?
I'll tell you one thing. Before I agree to this whole fish-human truce, somebody had better have a long face-to-face with the sharks about it. I say we send a bunch of PETA members down right away.

***This is a quote which I copied cause I thought it was funny. Thanks VTskier - I didn't mean to take credit for it. And G-dubs, as always you're just a step ahead of everyone...<FONT size="1">

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Did you hear that PETA was lobbying to have the name of the town Fishkill in NY changed. Apparently nobody told them that Fishkill was named by the dutch and kill in dutch means creek.
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Well cheap seats I have to say I am utterly shocked by YOUR position on this. I never thought YOU would be the one declaring death on all things with a brain the size of a corn kernel, hell if thats the case I guess you will be the first one to get the hook. Of course it's hard to tell if that really is your position or if you just learned how to use the copy button, because we all know it takes more that a corn kernel to write your own opinions.
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I'm not a PETA person (had a rabbit coat for years; it was SOOO warm; best Chicago winter coat I ever had), but I hate fishing. Got upset once as a kid because I hooked a little sunny and my Dad couldn't get the hook out and he probably damaged the fish trying to retrieve it. When he put it back (it was maybe four inches or five long) it went belly up fairly quickly. I was crushed that my hooking such a small fry had produced this result. Never fished again after that. Must have been like six or so. Would get the shudders every time something reminded me of it and the image still bothers me, as some kind of foundational experience. Maybe if it had been a mink or fox or rabbit I never would have bought that coat, but oh well, no consistency: there it is. I guess there's the Benthamite in me.


Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!
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You should really attribute the quote to the author when you do that... it's probably some kind of copyright infringement to just post it and without letting people know it's not yours.

Beyond that the people of PETA are absolute morons. Next thing you know plants will have feelings too and we'll have to learn to live by absorbing sunlight.
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One question PETA folks. How many cows, pigs, chickens and other animals are going to be left if they have no use commercially. Most of them don't make very good pets and probably wouldn't survive very long without human intervention/protection. If fish don't have a food or other commercial use how many people would bother to make sure they survive?
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Fishing is for people who can't handle the pace of golf.
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cheap seats, I like your style!

I don't think we have PETA in the UK, but I'm pretty sure that if we did they'd be strung up in short order.

I don't fish on a regular basis, but this is really more to do with my aversion to freezing my family jewels off than any deep seated moral quest to protect the scaly little creatures.

Besides, I love seafood. And I have never eaten dog. But I tell you this - if I went to a country where they served dog, I would. No worries. Even if the people of that country did catch it by hooking its mouth...



Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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Is PETA also against the unethical treatment of animals by other animals. I've seen those grizzlies snatching Salmon out of mid air in Alaska. I mean, you throw a hook into water - does'nt mean the fish has to bite it. If he's a smart fish - which is apparently the only kind I have ever fished for - he just swims away.

Secondly, it seems that the fish in the carribean have been getting a lot of press for striking back lately.

As for Fishkill - maybe we as skiers should band together and have Peekskill NY change it's name. I sure don't want to kill any peaks.

Remember a few years ago when St. Johns University changed their name from the Redmen to the Big Red to avoid the perceived Native American slur? But they were the Red men because they wore red - like Syracuse is the Orangemen. So much time and energy fighting for a cause when they could just be out skiing.
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Nice work cheap's,
Lisakz, do you eat fish?

PETA tried to get meat banned from public schools in calgary, they may be laughable but they are very dangerous. People do not realize that this organization is against all form's of animal use, including domestication of animals. Anyone with a pet that sends money is a hypocrit. JB, a sister organization to PETA in Germany had catch and release banned in an area, it was too cruel, every fish caught had to be killed immediately. People should do a little research before they send their money to Pamela Lee, and the rest of the moronic supermodels that support PETA. Pamela Lee is the PETA spokesperson, or whatever her title is, i think that says enough about PETA's legitimacy.
I really believe that every person should be responsible for providing themselves with at least one meal, start to finish, whether it is meat or vegetable at least once in their life. Remove yourself from the shadow of your grocer.
proud member of P.E.T.A
People for the Eating of Tasty Animals
Biologists have shown that there is a lack of nerve endings in a fish's mouth, thus the pain is not quite at the level of hooking your retreiver.
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if you want to see some pretty funny "PETA" ads, check out http://www.adcritic.com and search for PETA
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Yumm...from Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips homepage @ http://www.treachers.com

(1 pc broiled scrod,
baked potato, coleslaw
or mixed vegetables,
& a dinner roll)
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I'll eat shrimp, scallops, lobster, crab, but I don't really like non-shellfish like tuna and such. I have enjoyed Treacher's, though (it's the TARTAR!) and on occasion Fish N Chips here, when it's fresh (once in Whitby, no tartar necessary).


Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!
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how 'bout Schuylkill? poor, innocent Schuyls have no protection
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Sorry , but i refuse to empty out my freezer full of fish.
Man has been fishing for thousands of years, so her can provide food for his family.
How does this group plan on stopping the millons of people from casting a line and catching dinner? Is this group going to take over the repsonablity to feed those who survive by catching fish.
Also what about all the fishing guides? And reltated industry.? Is peta going to support them as well?
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TR@DV- "Man has been fishing for thousands of years, so her can provide food for his family."

While your right about the fishing, I believe sex changes have just come about recently.
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