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Alternative helmet

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This might lead to a new kind of helmet for the ski industry:


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I'd have to wear mine backwards... great for goin' over the handlebars!

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As seen in a Santa Cruz thrift shop yesterday...



( My friend is not a big helmet fan. ;-)


Regret not snagging it - all it needs is an EpicSki sticker!  ;-)

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So what came first, the avi pack or the pop out helmet?  They look very similar.

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I think the auto-inflating PFD (personal flotation device) came first. I had one about 20 years ago. It uses a pill that disolves on exposure to water and triggers inflation, not a motion sensor. It also has a pull cord for manual inflation and a harness. The 'packaging' of the PFD looks similar to the helmet in that it is a velcro closure that is forced open by the force of the inflation.


FWIW, I've had a friend saved by the avi-pack. He lost his snowmobile for a few months, though.

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A helmet thread by any other name is still a helmet thread...

Let the games begin. Beating_A_Dead_Horse_by_livius.gif


The avi pack has some relevance in skiing due to the relatively rare occurrence of needing to deploy it.  This device at over $400 seems like it would deploy for many routine falls, jumps, and may not be effective in collisions with objects where there is no change in inertia prior to the head impacting an object.

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This helmet greatest use will be its ability to start another helmet thread.

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Great product!  


Will help make much better looking corpses.

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This almost looks okay when it's not inflated, and at $400 a fall, I'd stick to groomers and once I do that, I might as well just wear a hat for all the protection this will give me against out of control skiers or skis flying directly at the back of my head.

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how did I miss this very important thread?  Where's seg. jimmy and TOG when you need em? popcorn.gif


btw- there is no place for a sardine holder therefore it is not worth buying.

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Yeah were's TeeOhGee been lately??


Sorry I wasn't right on this had some militia bidness to take care of........................ but is white the only color, this thing will never fly if it only comes in white. I'm thinking a parachute might be a nice option for teh hucksters. I'm not sure about the lack of a sardine holder, could be a problem i guess but I'm thinking of swithing to a banana anyways. 

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