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Just what it says. Go to the Praxis site and check them out.  I suspect the code Epic is still active for 10% off. If not, I know there are some others floating around. Take 10% off the sale price with the code and the value proposition is through the roof. Not only do I - and many others -  like the designs, but the build quality is nuts.  Look for reviews around the net...


For my .02, if you are building a quiver and want a total powder slayer, nothing on the planet that I have tried is more fun on the right day than the current Powder Boards. The Protests are also just a hoot. Both have UHMW topsheets...  (if you get 'em, mount Powder Boards +3 - totally the sweet spot; Protests +1 or +2)


Lots of the others kill it for their missions as well. 


Obviously I am a fan.