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Post Race Event Blues. Anyone?

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I am feeling despair. This past Sunday I participated in a Danskin Triathlon. My 3rd sprint distance tri (short distance). After the prior 2 I felt so pumped up, excited, could not wait for the next event. This year it was so darn hard. During the swim I seriously considered having them pull me from the water, I was in a near panic. I was prepared to lie to my friends, also participating, that my shoulder hurt too much to continue. I did struggle, flail, and finally finished the swim. The bike was ok, then the run. Last year I was all smiles, this year all pain. I had to pee badly but knew that if I stopped to squat I would never stand up again. That is how bad it was. Finally the finish, barely limping along, fighting back tears I was done.

Well the point of all this whining is to ask, have any of you REAL athletes ever felt in a funk after an event? Its 2 days now and I cannot shake the feeling. Sorry to whine.

I hesitated to even post this.
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I'm trying to figure out why I'm not a "REAL athelete"? Is it because I'm not into endurance sports or because I'm not competetitive, or both?
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JohnH that is NOT at all what I meant. I meant that I am not feeling like any kind of an athlete. I know you are. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
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Kima - Absolutely! I've felt the same way after playing some marathon long tennis matches, after playing 3 (2 hour long each), back-to-back ultimate frisbee matches in 95 degree heat, etc.

Sometimes your body is up for the challenge and sometimes it isn't. I've found that it's not necessarily linked to your preparedness or your pre competition training.

What makes you a winner is pushing through the times when you want to quit! If it was always easy, it wouldn't mean as much.
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accept it as part of the "cycle" and realize it happens. maybe you'll know more about "why" later. you'll have another "good" day. in the meantime, chill, ease back into the routine and consider some little BLIP in the routine that might move things around a little, toward keeping things fresh. and think about skiing.
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PinHed, I too am a bit of a Zonie. It’s been an amazingly good thing for me. Do not follow to the letter, not that disciplined.

Gill and Ryan, Thanks for the kind words. I decided to try and find a nice easy 5K to do to boost my spirits. Now if that’s hard I give up.

It was about 95 here on Sunday. Normally I run in the early AM so I think I will use heat as an excuse. Not that it works, the event was in August last year too.
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I'm with Gil, the fact that you didn't quit makes you a REAL ATHLETE. The fact that you shared your humility, and the courage to admit you would make an excuse, makes you human.
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I know that's not what you meant. I was just giving you a hard time. I had an image of a person (you) at the keyboard, barely able to type from exhaustion.

I'm not much of a nutrition freak, and I usually bonk quite early because of it (my second and thrid winds are usually pretty strong though) . But on some long days like 5 hours of bike riding or 8 hours of skiing bumps, I tend to be pretty dead the rest of that day. But for some reason, I'm fine the next day. I usually force down large quantities of water, and I stay away from beer.
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I hate to say this, I have lost more competitions than I care to admit. At times, I was down for weeks, especially when I started realizing that I have a genetic limit that no amount of training will be able to overcome. Unless you are fortunate enough to win or have a personal best you are bound to be disappointed. It is natural and very common, so don't despair. Like ryan said, give it time, learn from it, use it to fuel your next endeavor.

Sadly, as the years pass by, even triumphs, don't seem all that important. As long as you have your health and come out of your competitve years without serious injuries, you are a winner.
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John H 2nd 3rd wind? 5 hour bike? You are an Athlete and a Stud! I could never do 5 hours on a bike.

Thanks Robin feeling better today, excuses or not.

TomB thanks of pointing out the obvious; that I was even able to participate should be enough. I am really not much of a competitor, do it just to see if I can.
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Set goals & take the long term view!!

The one you did gets you closer to and better prepared for the next one, which leads to the next one, and so on. Some will suck, some will be easy (relatively).

I'm already in training for endurance mtn bike events next summer...on my bike, in my mind...looking toward skiing weekends and riding indoors and lifting.

Also looking to have a kick ass sept and oct in winter park on my fave mtn bike trails before the cold and damp arrive in full force.

August is about crewing for my buddies who are racing the Leadville & Vail 100 mile mtn bike events this coming weekend and the following. I get to watch their suffering! So much easier to endure it that way!! This summer has been a time off. I was not enthused to race and finally admitted it to myself and since then my approach has been to have fun and look to next summer.

Keeping it fun is the key.
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Now for a real excuse PinHed. Left arm in a sling. Went to the Doc yesterday the aforementioned sore shoulder. Tendonitits (sp) as I thought. They actually said "bicep tendonitits" is it any different? In any event no Mtn biking, (boo) swimming (yea) for awhile.

Doubt I could keep up with you on a bike anyway. I could drink some wine though.

Perhaps a nice fall ride?
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"Perhaps a nice fall ride?"

No Kima, you don't want to fall while riding. You could get hurt.

Sorry, I couldn't resist...
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Way to Go! Good on Ya! Like that running form, nice and relaxed. That didn't hurt so bad, did it?

Good job, Kim.

Remember to have fun, too.<FONT size="1">

[This message has been edited by ryan (edited August 10, 2001).]</FONT>
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Why thank you Ryan. My hubby has convinced me to do a half marathon in sept. I will try to remember to have fun. I really did want a nice 5k though.
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