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Rossi Radical 9SL Slantnose

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Anyone own this ski or skied on it. It came out in 2011 and was around in the US this year. I just bought a pair a week ago and won't ski them until next year, looking for some reviews or description of how they ski.


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The 9SL's were delivered to my house yesterday and I took them out of the box. They are really stiff, both longitudinally and torsionally. They should ski like ice skates on our New England boiler plate. I wish I could ski them, but no snow in NE until next year.


My info, 6'4", 250 lbs, expert skier, ski the whole mountain but these days all in NE. I have been on a pro-sumer 205 cm Elan slalom racing skis for many years and just this year bought a pair of Ullr's Chariots and demo'd lots of skis. For me, I settled on a 2 ski quiver, the Chariots and a racing ski.


I bought the Rosi 9SL's in 175 cm, which is the longest length they make. This is the longest length I have found for a slalom pro-sumer racing ski. I think they will make a great "Big Guy" carving ski. Can't wait to find out for sure. They are stiff and feel just a little softer than a FIS legal race ski. I considered buying a longer GS or cheater GS ski, but I haven't demo'd many of them and have always preferred quick, short radius skis. In this  day and age that viewpoint is a little dated, but my son is on ski race team at the local bump (I mean hill) and these skis should keep me occupied making lots of turns on the short slopes. Skiing New England on the weekends means lots of crowed slopes, so a high speed GS ski is almost a waste, need a schedule that allows midweek skiing to really enjoy those skis in my neck of the woods.


O2gear shop has the rossi's on sale for $550 with bindings, brand new. Seemed like to good a deal to pass up.

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I skied these all last season as my everyday ski in the Midwest.  All things considered they're great at what they're designed to do.  Great edgehold on true glare ice, super quick, just good fun.


About me: 6' 225 PSIA lvl 3...aggressive skier.  I'm on the 170, but my buddy has the 175 and it feels almost identical with just a slightly longer radius.  Grabbed the wrong pair of skis one day and didn't even notice till he skied up on mine and said something.

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