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As I've improved my skiing and actually gotten forward instead of skiing more in the backseat and in much deeper snow (Mt. Baker is fantastic) I noticed that the poles I was using (48 inches, I'm 5'11) seemed  to be catching on the snow and preventing me from bringing my hand forward immediately after my pole plant, pushing me back. I cut the poles down roughly 2 inches and it seems much easier to stay forward, and actually use the poles more instead of having to deal with their length.


Previously, I had been using a pair of 50 inch poles (and was shorter than I am today) and I can only imagine now what I was doing to think that I was using them effectively.

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I'm all for the shorter pole. Way to easy to drag a long pole behind you. 


FWIW - I'm 5 11 190, and set my poles just under 120 on the down. 

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