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The "RaceDude Will No Longer Be Racing" Race and Recreational Ski and Ski Accessory Sale

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As some of you know, I'm moving to DC this summer where I won't be able to ski much let alone race.  That combined with the fact that I currently sell skis for a living and it was an incredibly bad selling season so I made no where near the amount of money I was planning on making, therefore I need money-- means that I'm basically trying to clear out most/all of my race stuff.  PM me if you're looking for any other race gear because chances are I probably have it.  I'm willing to split skis and bindings up if the skis sell first.  


All prices include shipping to lower 48 and are negotiable so if you're interested in something please make an offer and we can talk.  I'm trying to price them fairly, but please PM me if you think something is too high.  Skis will be shipped with your choice of Swix wax on them.  Prices can be lowered if you're buying multipul items.


Things FS (in order of how they appear below)

  • Volkl WC GS 180cm
  • Fischer WC SL 165cm
  • Dynastar WC GS 175cm
  • Blizzard M-Power 174cm only 4 days on this ski!
  • Scott SL Shin Guards
  • Leki WC GS Poles
  • Rossignol WC GS Poles
  • Scott WC SL Poles
  • Sypder GS Suit


Also available if interested: Giro Sestriere Race Helmet, size Medium 





Volkl WC GS 180cm-- $195

Brand new, unmounted, never touched.  I believe that this is the 09/10 model but as I said before they have never been drilled, stoned, or even tuned.  Straight out of the packaging.  

Topsheet: 10/10

Base: 10/10



Fischer WC SL 165cm w/ Z17 bindings-- $365

These probably have mid to upper 30 days on them.  They were used most of last season and the start of this season.  Rarely used on race course, mostly just free skiing groomers and a bit of coaching stuff.  They were stoned ground last season and the beginning of this season then hand tuned to a 1/3.  200 grit and up Swix diamond stones were used to maintain edges throughout the season.  These come mounted with bomb-proof Z17 Fischer race binding.  Normal amount of wear and tear on the skis, but I've kept them in good condition.  Couple of scratches on the base but no core shots.  Plenty of wax is these guys so they really speed.

Topsheet: 7/10

Base: 8/10 (9/10 with a stone grind)



Dynastar WC GS 175cm w/ Look PX 15-- $525

This is this seasons current season Dynastar race stock with Look PX15 race bindings.  Skied probably 12-ish days, maybe 15.  Stoned grinned immediately after after they were taken out of the wrapper in September, then hand tuned to a 1/3.  200 and up Swix diamond stones were used to maintain edges.   Couple minor scratches but nothing too bad at all, especially if you're planning on doing a pre-season stone grind the bases should look brand new.

Topsheet: 9.5/10

Base: 9/10 (9.5 or 10/10 with stone grind)











Blizzard M-Power 174cm w/ Marker System-- $675

These are current model year (https://www.skinet.com/ski/gear/blizzard-m-power-fs-iq-max-2012) and have 4 days on them.  Yes you read that right, 4 days.  I bought them for a trip to Maine, they retail for over $1200, in December and planned on keeping them, but like I said it was a bad selling season and need cash plus I won't get to ski them much in DC anyways.  They have never been stone grinned, didn't get a chance before I went to Maine, but they have been race tuned to a 1/3.  There's a few very minor surface scratches on the bases, and one bigger-ish scratch.  All of the minor scratches would go away in one stone grind.  The one bigger one may not, I'm not 100% sure.  Check out the picture below and let me know what you think.  There is also a bit of edge damage from hitting a rock, but it doesn't effect skiing at all and I can work on it before shipment if you dont want to repair it yourself.

Topsheet: 9.5/10

Base: 9/10 (9.5 or 10/10 with stone grind)










Scott SL Shin Guards-- $45

These didn't get a ton of use because they were my "backups"  Couple scratches but overall in good shape.  These are about $100 new.

Condition: 8.5/10



Leki WC GS Poles 48in-- $80

Just got these beginning of the season, almost look brand new.  Few minor scratches but barely noticeable.  I'll also throw in an extra pair of trigger velcro straps.

Condition: 9/10



Rossignol WC GS Poles 48in-- $35

Got these last season, they were used well so they show some use.  They're the super strong composite triangle material.  

Condition: 7.5/10



Scott WC SL Series 4 poles 46in w/ hand guards--$70

These are the true WC series 4 version, the strongest pole Scott makes.  It's actually made out of the same material that the outside of airplanes are made out of.  The poles were new begininning of the season, the hand guards were used last season too.  Poles look almost new but hand guards show wear.

Condition-- poles: 9/10

Condition-- hand guards: 7/10



Spyder GS Suit Bode Miller Series, size L (fits 5' 7" to 5' 10")-- $325

Suit was not used a ton.  Got it last season for races and broke my tumb half way through this season so I only raced GS for the second half.  I'd say maybe 15 days in it. Obviously a bit of pilling, most suits start pilling after like 2 days, but I've kept it on very good shape.  Never stored wet, always carried in a dry bag, hung up when not in use, the whole 9 yards.  Like I said, some pilling-- mostly behind the knees, butt, and a little bit on the front/thigh area.  Pilling is almost unnoticeable once you're wearing it.  No rips at all though.  It's made of the Hundies and is basically the same design the Spyder sponsored skiers used in the 2010 season/Olympics (they don't release the suits for consumer purchase until the next season).  Comes with full removable pads.  Originally bought for $550.

Overall condition: 8.5/10

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New pictures and some new gear up for sale

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All PM's replied to.

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some good gear here folks

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More PMs replied to.  Everything is still up for sale.

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Volkls, Rossis, and Lekis are sold-- edited original post to show that.  Others are still up for sale.

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Prices dropped on everything left.

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More stuff sold.  KG4ONJ is going to be one happy skier next year!  Edited the first posting to reflect that.  I'm just going to hold onto the rest and probably sell them once the snow starts to fall, unless anyone is interested.  

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I am interested about the spyder gs bode suit size large. 275 $ i buy.
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do you still have the 175dynastar wcgs still for sale??  If so can you email me direct?  Coutu@theburgessfarm.com  Thanks



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Jerrycan has dibs on the GS Suit at the moment.


cjcosnghtchrisc, I just sent you an email.

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All PMs replied to.  GS Suit is sold, skis still available.  

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