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WB - April 29-30

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Well, last weekend was supposed to be the last, but on my way back to FL, there comes a message that a customer in Vancouver needs some immediate attention and I have to go back.









Ok, so I go home for a couple of days to hang and make sure everyone remembers who it is that pays the bills. This guy didn't seem impressed at all -




So, I talk to Delta and we make a deal that has me leaving Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, to get back to WB in the evening. Some peaks were just showing through the clouds on the way in -




As usual, the weather person had zero clue about the weather, and today was very pleasant with some sun, but sometimes it got a little funky -




The sun came-and-went, and sometimes gave some great visual enhancements -




The snow was, of course, spring conditions, and early on was great, corn pellets about 4-6 inches deep, just begging you to rail turns through it. Even off-piste was just fine, but a bit heavy. Later in the day the stuff was like Elmer's, just grabbing at your bases to slow you down. About 2 and we were done - time for a couple of rounds in the Village.


Overall, a wonderful day. One more tomorrow and I think I'm done for 11/12 (said that last week too), which has been excellent for me, but I missed SLC, as I only got there once, cancelling the other trips and going back to WB as we all know the conditions weren't really prime in SLC this year.



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I love those little diversions when you get pulled back in!

Thanks for sharing!

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Well, today was not so great, with it cooling down last night making for a least coast style experience, although there were some freshies covering the crust:




The top rattled my fillings, with just enough cover to make it look good, but not feel good. The lower section was slooow in some sections, but the feel was like slightly melted ice cream, just lucious. Made a few runs then decided I'd hurt or pull something from the fast / slow snow, so said adios to the hill. Guess I'm done for this year, with a total of 44 days, with 34 of them at Whistler. Overall a decent season, but definitely not one for the ages.

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