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J chisholm boots

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My grandpa gave me a pair of boots and they said J chisholm boots, i have no clue whart they are worth. please respond IMG_0091.JPG

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I'm waiting for someone to give you a humorous response to this question.  But, this is a ski boot forum.  Doubt that you're going to get any info on your grandpas's cowboy boots. 

Good luck with that. 


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ski boot form? and what can you tell me about this brand? i used to stetson or justins never heard of this brand

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as has been said this is a forum about ski boots, so cowboy boots don't figure here...sorry we can't help

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I have no idea where you live and perhaps there are cultural differences we aren't familiar with.  But where I live and have lived what we do with boots like your grandpas is get on our horse and ride.  Gidyap cowboy, away.



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