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Whistler April 20 and 21

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Last weekend I was lucky enough to make a last minute trip to Whistler.  Conditions ranged from untracke in the morning to spring bumps afternoon, with breakable crust to found as well.  All in all pretty awesome considering I thought I was done for the season.

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Looks like someone had a little bit of fun!  

Thanks for sharing

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Really nice! I'll echo the "thanks for sharing". 


What time did you hit Spanky's -- that is some gorgeous snow!

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Damn!  Seriously sweet footy!  loved the combo of the steeps and then the fun playful stuff at the bottom; little hits, a few trees, and some very nice snow.  Well done.

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I think That run was around 10 am last Saturday.  Apparently it snowed about 10 inches on Thursday night.  They had spanky's closed on Friday for Avy control (someone also told me to save some for the weekend crowd).  I got lucky and was about the third person in.  It was my first time in the spanky's area nice long run,  the whole video was edited from one run.


The snow looked real nice, but you had to stay on your toes because there was some avalanche debri and heavy crusty snow.  By the afternoon, alot of the off piste was hard to ski.



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Here is Flute Bowl  I hiked it at around 1:30



Nice Views





Spanky's Run  (Ruby Bowl?)




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The snow looks tremendous, and the video is excellent. Maybe it is the perspective of your video(gopro?) lens, but is Ruby less steep, a lot less than the Sapphire Chutes, though near the tail end, it looked like it got pretty steep? Also, the entry into Ruby's is it very difficult, think for a middle-level intermediate skier? Does one come through Diamond to get to Ruby, or there is a way through Garnet is it? Insights appreciated, for the uninitiated like this writer.


Clearly, the snow looked a nice 6inches deep and soft ice cream, wonderful. We were there till the 14th., while overall glacier was nice, but most of the hard terrain was left well alone by most people as there had been no major fresh snow since around April 2nd, or so. WB is a pleasure to ski, and your video was a great introduction to Ruby, as we have not been on it. We have only been on Sapphire bowl and then the chutes (they are literally vertical from my point of view) into the glacier, and that was in 2011, when there was a lot more snow.


Great video. 

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David, I'm also from New Jersey, and I also did a last minute trip (I booked it 4 hours before take off) on April 25, but to Banff, Canada. 

The snow was not what I see on your great video (I did not know Whistler has that kind of snow so late into April), but the views are to die for. 



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