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Ros FKS vs. Look PX 12

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Hello ski gear experts.  I demo'd and then picked up for 1/2 price some Nordica Patron skis.  They are 113 mm wide so that somewhat reduces the number of bindings available for them.  The guy at a shop here in Fort Collins CO recommended either the Rossignol FKS or Look PX 12 bindings.  


I don't know a lot about bindings: is one of these better than the other?  Which should I get?


I'm a fairly aggressive skier, and enjoy skiing black runs and trees around the Summit County area - Loveland to Copper.

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The FKS is the original "turntable" design, a proven winner if a binding over the past 30+ years. The PX has a traditional heel and is also a fine binding. The FKS is not only physically lighter, with it's much shorter design has a lower swing weight making it feel that much lighter too. Personally, I would lean to the FKS over the PX, bit that the PX is bad, just preference. 

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The FKS binding is better for sure. OTOH I have 4 sets of PX 12s and one PX 14 because they are cheap (like me) and have more adjustment for my two pairs of boots.

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I have both on skis, both work well but I'd lean towards the FKS as well.

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thanks for the comments.  appreciated 

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Agree with others about superiority of FKS, but keep in mind that it's forever; only one or two mm of adjustment (if that) when you switch boots. So I'd but it if I had a pair of boots I knew I wanted to keep for a while. Or you could be one of the oddballs like me that use light plates on wider skis, largely so I can move around the binding...

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I'm a big fan of the FKS/Pivot, have been for many, many years going back through Look's evolution of the turntable heel. When they brought it back a couple years ago, that was a good thing too. What I dislike is that the tooling for this was paid of many years ago and yet they want it to sell at PREMIUM $$$$. 'Cause if it don't cost a lot it must not be very good, right?


The Look PX Racing binding is a fine product. Available in DIN 12, 14, 15 and 18 models that if you shop carefully can be had for around $100 a pair. Good binding/GREAT price.


It is rumored that I have squirreled a "few" pair of these and the FKS's too, just in case the market strays further in a direction I don't like  biggrin.gif

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