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New bike or new skis?

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I'm torn. I either want to get a full suspention bike or some new xxx's. I have a bike that works but isn't up to par. I have fully functional xxx's from 99 but I can always use new skis. What is your opinion?
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save the money and see if some unexpected need should pop up while getting ready for the ski season. Then hold onto it all season long incase you break a pair of skiis or have an opportunity for a killer ski trip this winter. If it makes it through the winter then get a new bike.

Or just drink it all on a week long bender and see if you recognize the place you wake up.

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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Go with the skis or ski trip.
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Spend the money on a ski trip. Hey, join the bears inm Fernie.
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go for the trip...
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Dude- I'm a ski freak teenager. I'm not old enough to drink and I'd rather spend my money on lift tickets than women. Sorry man, I've got priorities, even if they are a little strange. Saving it for mid season is a really good idea. I've got my 18 b-day in January and I'm thinking a run out to Jackson Hole is fitting. Thanks for your input. Matt
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Sorry man. Most people just freak when I try to explain that I'd rather ski than be with girls. Everybody has priorities, most just can't understand mine. I forget where I am. Matt
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See if your parents home owner policy will cover theft of your bike. If the deductable isn't too high, have one of your friends "steal" it. Recover the insurance money, sell the "stolen" bike. With the combined income, buy a good used bike. There are plenty of full suspension ones available... and buy new skis! You see, you just have to use your imagination.

Oh, you could just get a summer job.
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I hope it was a joke. Can you say "insurance fraud"?
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Super-mat: herem is the game plan you can follow:

1.Buy the bike now since you will use it more frequently than the skis.

2. Do some research and develope a list of 3-5 skis you want to demo this coming season. Narrow it down to one or two pair, by mid February when skis do on end of season sale.In the meantime you will use last seasons skis or rent to get you through the season.

3. Set up a special fund where you start saving for the new skis now, so when Feb 2002 comes you will have the money to buy them at a favorable price.

If selection of skis not good then, wait until preseason the summer sales of 2002, but keep saving, because if they don't have your ski then, in fall of 2002 they will, but not at sale prices, but by then you will have saved more than enough money to pay what you need to pay for what you really want.

Good Luck and Happy Skiing !!!
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Thanks man, I'll look into that
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Hey man, I like your priorities. In the long run they will serve you better. Besides, diminishing the self-esteem of prospective dates puts you in the driver's seat. Leykis 101, Baby!! Fools are far more numerous than the wise.

I would buy a bike if you can. FS would be sweet. But that is just because my bike is way old and outdated and in disrepair and I miss the connection riding hard in the off season gave me to the season. XXX's are basically state of the art right now, so you've already got up to par skis.

Actually, either choice sounds like fun.

Hey Spag, I saw a good quote the other day...

"Don't believe everything you think."
Can't rememeber who it was.
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