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yet another skating thread

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Not to keep bringing this up but I made a discovery today while in-line skating, I discovered a problems I didn't even know I had!

During "slalom" skating, I realized I "pressured" or weighted, the right skate stronger, and LONGER than the left, my left foot doesnt follow through the arc like the right. it gets "lazy".

while picking one foot up, and then the other, while gliding, I realized I had far better balance on the right leg than I did the left.

I have something to work on now, geesh, with that left leg its a wonder I didn't ski in circles!!!
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Very common....
How's your balance without skates on?
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I've always thought I had good balance...ive never noticed anything with my skiing or workouts...but it could be that Im paying much more attention to form now than I was before. It was just so obvious tonight when rollerblading, and it surprised me.

Besides paying more attention to the left leg during workouts, any suggestions for drills...or any balance excersises on skates?<FONT size="1">

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If you have difficulty maintaining upright stance without skates on, I would definately start there. 1 foot eyes opened and eyes closed for 30 sec. On skates, work on maximizing gliding on each foot with striding techniques (how long can you stay balanced on 1 foot) and work on 1 footed turns if able. Have fun...

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How's the skating going? Your situation sounds like mine...expecially with a soft shelled-skate (went the el-cheaper route WITH full-blown knowledge of what would happen
Pronation...to the max...
Great footbeds do the trick in skiboots...orthotics solve things in sneakers & shoes....but in skates...?(probably footbeds again..) I've just been concentrating on progressing from the landing(on the outer *edge*)...to being squarely upright..then making sure to get off of the problematic foot (Feet in my case..in as short a timespan as possible...well at least that's what I've been working at...and the relaxed, but rather rapid pace makes for a better workout....In_My_$.02_opinion.
It may not be correct...but at least I'm doing it with a relaxed achilles area...and a relaxed foot & toes...that's my main issue.
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pronation, eh? hmmm...

skating is going ok, unfortunately where I live im spending more time avoiding becoming a hood ornament than paying attention to form but...

the problem I had is diminishing with work and just being concious of it...it wasn't so much that I lacked the strength, i just didn't even know I was doing it.

Im wondering if I had that problem skiing, and it was just magnified on skates? how much did it affect my skiing?

I got the Salomon Speedsters (womens) they have all KINDS of adjustments and bells and whistles that I couldn't even BEGIN to guess how to set them up properly. comes with a hex key and an instruction booklet...no help of course. Unfortunately I purchased them at a big chain store where the clerk had to ask somone WHeRE the skates WERE let alone help with adjustments....uurrr....
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noticed something else...the wear on my wheels is off-center, it isnt right down the middle of the wheel...i am "edging" my wheels?

whats up with that? is it bad???
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As long as the wear on the wheels is on the inside, it is normal. That's why they give you a hex key so that you can change your wheels. There's a few ways you can do it. If the wheel under the toe is #1 and the heel #4 (assuming a 4-wheeeled skate)you can swap #1 and #3 and #2 and #4 and at the same time swap edges so that the inside edge is now the outside edge.

You can also swap with the other skate left to right to get even wear. You can also just place the wheels from most wear to least wear to balance it out.

How often do you need to do this? It depends on the surface you skate on and your technique. When you start seeing a noticable angle on the wheel when you hold it up and look at the thin side it is time to change. Have fun!<FONT size="1">

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Hi LindaA,
Yeah...pronation is one of those things some of us just have to deal with...a footbed sure helps a lot. Rollerblades/skates sure magnify the problem...although once you get your alignment taken care of with the footbed/skiboots/bindings & skis...you sure notice the difference in *feel* for the snow...and your whole body relaxes more. As SnoWonder's obviously been in rollerblades longer than I...I'm using them to get myself in somekind of shape BEFORE ski season...>>>Steve rambles on<<<.....I know that even with the pronation still there to some extent...keeping the breathing going and staying relaxed...legs down to ankles...on out to the forefoot & toes!...you stay pretty agile...and balanced...
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Hi steve:

great advice, its hard for me to relax ANYTHING on skates though, I dont know what it is, probably the asphalt is alot harder than a snow covered hill...or perhaps on the mountain, there are no yuppies in SUVs going sixty in a thirty and yapping on cell phones, making hood ornaments out of unsuspecting rollerbladers. I just have to skate more, thats all. Everyone is starting to get into that "two months before ski season, gotta get in shape" mode. I really hope what Ive picked up and worked on on skates helps.

great info, thanks. I was afraid I should be straight up on the top of the wheel. What do you know about all this "anatomic fit" stuff on the skate?(salomon speedsters) I can understand the canting adjustment, but all the other adjustments only mistify. Im not sure I should be adjusting anything, the skate fits well. maybe a little soft for my tastes, but hey its not a ski boot. should I mess with any of that?

still need to take off that break. I never use it. its getting in the way.
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