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War and Piste

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Hi everyone,

It's a real pleasure to be invited by EpicSki to introduce to you War & Piste, a novel I wrote about ski seasons in the Alps that was released in Europe in late 2011. I'd love to know what you all think of it (especially if you like it! Gulp!)

And even more, I'd love to know how our experiences over in Europe compare to season work in the U.S. Anyone got any tales of joy or horror from their ski resort past they'd like to share with me? I promise not to use them in the sequel  :)


We're in talks right now about turning it into a movie, which is really, really exciting. So if any of you fancy being an extra or stunt double, watch this space...




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Hi Alex, welcome to Epicski.  We are hoping to put an article up in our Reviews Section soon, and include a link to Amazon.


Should we fill in the members that "Alex" is not a guy?  Don't feel bad, "Segbrown" still gets "that guy" comments. smile.gif 


So what are the plans for releasing the book and film in North America?  Are you planning to visit?


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Hi Alex. 

Glad you stopped in to share this.  Welcome to EpicSki!


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Send me a copy I would love to read it.  Consider it a sponsorship. I'll be happy to promote it if worthy ..   Good luck with your promotion !

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Garry, we're going to try to line up some copies for a promotion, but meanwhile if you have a kindle, you can find War & Piste on Amazon for $2.99, or get the hard copy version at $14.99


Sounds like a fun story, but is it true?

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Welcome to Epic Alex, hope your book does even better in the US than it did in Europe!

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Hi everyone! And thanks for the great welcome! I hope you do find the story fun. Is it true? Not quite. It is a fictional account of a season spent working for a large tour operator in the Austrian Alps. The events in the story are a mix of things that happened to me, to my friends and things I made up, based on the sorts of things that really do happen. I based my story on six winters worth of experience, so you may find it a tiny bit more action-packed than a regular season, but feel free to suspend your disbelief :)

Believe it or not, the 'unrealistic' bits I cut out from the story were generally the things that happened to me but I knew no-one would ever believe - e.g. my extremely stupid fall down a crevasse in Saas Fee on my first season...


Anyway, I'm looking forward to giving away some signed copies to EpicSkiers - watch this space for details on the competition.


Unless you can't wait, in which case here's where you need to go for details on US stockists (Barnes and Noble,, Book Depository and Completely Novel)


Thanks for your interest and hope you enjoy!


Book cover mock up RGB.jpg

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I read the excerpts, and I must say, your writing style reminds me somewhat of Hunter S. Thompson.  It's a rambled, first person take.

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Originally Posted by NextSkiBum View Post

I read the excerpts, and I must say, your writing style reminds me somewhat of Hunter S. Thompson.  It's a rambled, first person take.

Her writing style, to me, seemed more like Canadian humourist Stephen Leacock who wrote "Sunshine Sketches in a Little Town". I enjoyed the excerpts and will definitely get the book.

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I thought this was War and Piste:

Lebanese skier shot by Syrian border guards | Reuters

Apr 30, 2012 – BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syrian soldiers fired at a group of one Swiss and three Lebanese skiers along the mountainous border on Monday, ...



Getting back to the book, I'll download a copy from Amazon sometime today.  It sounds like a fun read.



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I read War & Piste last month and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I laughed out loud while reading it more than with any other book as far as I can remember.


Thanks, Alex, for informing us about your book.  Be sure to let us know if you write another book even if it is not skiing/boarding related.

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