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Skiing near Juneau, AK?

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Some friends are moving up to Juneau next week so I have already began thinking about when I can go visit them and hopefully go skiing with them next year.


I saw there is a place called Eagle Crest that doesn't look to be far away, but looks small. Are there any other places I should look into that would be within 2.5 hours drive of Juneau?

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I skied a day at Eaglecrest a few years ago, It is right out of town so easy to get to.  The day I was there it was great snow & although the vertical is not huge there were lots of easy hike to slackcountry shots.


AK 08 Nate's 067.jpg


AK 08 Nate's 069.jpg


A friend who lives in Juneau reported a spectacular season this year.  They also do a lot of backcountry & sled skiing.  Don't know of any other lift served skiing in the area.  If you have the time & some coin jump on the ferry & head up to Haines for some heli skiing.  Here is a link to my trip report:



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If there is snow, Eaglecrest is it for lift served alpine skiing close to Juneau.  It's just a short drive across the bridge to Douglas Island and then up the one road North to Eaglecrest Road.  You can't drive from Juneau to anywhere else as the only connection to anywhere else is via ferry, boat, or air service.  Whitehorse, Yukon Territory may have a lift now, but the trip by ferry and car is considerable more than you specify.  If you go South by ferry to Prince Rupert, BC and then drive the Trans-Canada Highway there are ski areas with some real possibilities.  One near Terrace, BC, and one outside Smithers, BC.  Quite a drive from Juneau though.  Going to Haines for heli-skiing sounds good, but is hardly a day trip what with ferry schedules and weather restrictions.


When I lived in Juneau I had a pair of randonee skis I used wherever I could find snow.  There could be feet of snow one day and then rain the next day would wash it away. I probably trespassed some here and there, but it was as close as I could get to skiing. 


It's worth going to Juneau anyway.

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Eaglecrest does not have a lot of lifts, but it does have nice hike to skiing.

It is definitely worth taking your skis along if you visit Juneau during the ski season.



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