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hmmm, might have to road trip to WA...


other'n that, me'n Stev milked the dwindling remnants of the 2013/14 snowpack up off the Ellis Peak Trail on Barker Pass yesterday. The decent sized patches I'd skied a mere week earlier had severely melted out, but turns were still had.

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A fun ski day.
Here are a few photos...
Dookey67 skis into the light side...


and a link to video I put together:
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Fourth of July in Fourth of July bowl.


An early start got us ahead of the majority of the crowds flocking to experience the Breck tradition of skiing on Peak 10 on the Fourth.


The meadows were filled with flowers


We hiked up the service road all the way.


Crystal Mt. and Lake


The final push to the summit


Looking down what I'm about to ski. The conditions were pretty good. until the darkness halfway down, the snow was slippery and 3 - 4 inches of corn. Beyond that it was a little bit more firm. The road comes from the top center through the snow and up on the right. We followed the snow out to the upper right and onto the cornice of Billy's Bowl. Billy's gave out about 50 meters from the truck. 1900' vertical.


The 10 Mile, Gore, and Front Ranges (perhaps some others)


I apologize that there are no skiing pictures, but we were enjoying the moment and the video I did shoot wasn't well aimed due to poor visibility through the viewfinder. My partner doesn't have a camera. :(

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MastersRacer, that looks like a fun way to celebrate.
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July 4th on the ID/MT divide:

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^ Nice tracks!
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Forestdale Patches, July 6th.


Stev starts down the "Left Patch"...

...Penny dashes into the snow spray...

...Makisha joins Stev and Penny...

...Makisha really closes the gap...

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Me'n Stev hit up 6 patches of varying degree yesterday up around Forestdale Divide (Hwy 88 region). The shortest of them was a 3-turn affair, the longest a 13-turn affair. The snow was barely suncupped and nicely soft-servy. I forgot my camera, but Stev took copious amounts of photos.

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A few of us hit St Mary's yesterday.


Foggy and cool when we started






Hikers almost there


Looking down from the saddle; I think it's about a half-mile of snow, not sure. About 450 vert.



Toward the bottom, @Drahtguy, @FairToMiddlin, and I climbed up this little pitch on the side for some steeper turns. Snow here was really nice! @SkiNurse is waiting at the bottom.





At the end...



Our tracks seen from the descent near the lake.

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^^Doesn't look too bad!


Yesterday, skiing steep coolies off the highest named peak in North Idaho:

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Originally Posted by dookey67 View Post

Me'n Stev hit up 6 patches of varying degree yesterday up around Forestdale Divide (Hwy 88 region). The shortest of them was a 3-turn affair, the longest a 13-turn affair. The snow was barely suncupped and nicely soft-servy. I forgot my camera, but Stev took copious amounts of photos.

Here are photos from each of the 6 patches:


#1 Upper Section, dookey67:


#2 Middle Section, Stev:


There was an interesting path to the Lower Section.
We didn't listen to TLC's "Waterfalls"...



#3 Lower Section, dookey67:


#4 Looker's Right of Pond, Stev:


#5 Luniz Patch, dookey67:

Dookey said "I Got Five" (turns) after skiing this.


#6 The Center Patch, Stev:


Six patches on a three hour tour provided novelty, variety and quality.

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Folger Peak, July 10th.


I did two runs on a patch up a creek and below Folger Peak.


My first run was a moving two-dog slalom with Makisha and Penny...


My second run was a moving three-dog slalom with Sky, Makisha and Penny..

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Forestdale Divide Patches on July 12th.

Made a return trip to Forestdale Divide with Gone2Alpine and three dogs.

First, we skied the Luniz Patch.



After five laps we skied the patch to the right of the Luniz Patch.

Stev and Penny:

Rossi watches Gone2Alpine:

Rossi encourages us to head up to the Center Patch:

It was a three-dog-day with Rossi, Penny and Makisha:

Stev follows Rossi while Penny tries to catch up:

Gone2Alpine and Rossi:

A fun ski day with the dogs. Gone2Alpine is up to 46 consecutive months skiing.
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The 49th Epworth Cup: http://www.denverpost.com/Sports/ci_26142412/Epworth-competition-is-serious-only-about-the-enjoyment-of-ski-racing


Berthoud ski area


Looking north from Berthoud Pass

The old railroad trestle on the way in


Another view of the trestle


Some ski runs on the east side of the Continental Divide; skyscraper is the bowl on the right.


Actual skiing taking place.


First place - fire surfing


(3/4 of) The winning team plus Bob, the race director


The race arena, Mt. Epworth



On the road out

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^ That looks like fun!

This looks really good too:


Much more significant than what I'm about to post.

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Highland Lakes on July 13th.

Did a hike, ski, and swim - sort of a triathlon.


Penny leads the way on the Triangle Jr. Patch:


Stev in the middle of his 3rd run...

...lining up his entry...

...and "threading the needle"...


The flowers got pretty tall in places on the hike out:


Makisha leads Penny and Stev on a swim across Upper Highland Lake:

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@Stev and @dookey67  - you guys think you'll keep finding patches through this harsh summer? 

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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

@Stev and @dookey67  - you guys think you'll keep finding patches through this harsh summer? 


Yes, we will. However, they are likely to be smaller than those we found the last two years.
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July 12/13th.. skinning from the Logan Pass parking lot in Glacier National Park






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^^^ My daughter was up the on the 1st. Said although the sun cups looked bad it was actually nice and soft.
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Headed up Saturday morning for Mount Rainier at 530am and arrived at Paradise at 8am. The mountain cams showed Camp Muir was partly cloudy but it was complete pea soup at Paradise. We headed up with low expectations, and ended up wandering around on Muir Snowfield due to bad visibility. Given that it was really bad visibility, we stopped at 8000’ figuring that there was no sense in going higher.


After lunch we clicked into our skis and boards, and I had a compass in hand to get us down the snowfield. Just as we started dropping in, suddenly the sky opened up. The mountain had an amazing cloud cap and we could see down to Paradise. It was really windy, with pumice dust flying around. So we skied as fast as we could to take advantage of the sucker hole in the clouds, in case it closed up. But the views of the Wilson Glacier water fall (which we looked up later to learn it is 315 feet long) and the crazy changing lenticular clouds was great. Snow was OK with soft sun cups.  


We ended up having to click out and walk and carry our skis several times over rocks due to the recent hot weather melt out. We got to Panorama Point, where there was a line of people using the glissade runs. Once we got past them, we were able to ski within a 10 minute walk down to the Paradise parking lot. Only bummer about the trip was we could have skied Paradise Glacier, but we played it safe due to visibility issues.  Back at it August 1-2, and on the road for my first turns all year and a 12-month ski season. 

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Has anyone skied Mt Hood recently?

Can you still ski down Magic Mike?
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Check their website and cams. 

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Skied the "October Patch" on July 23rd,



Quality snow that should be skiable into August. It doesn't look likely to make it into October this year without some fresh snowfall.

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Ending the season in North Idaho, July 26th:


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^nice turns. but you're ending the season even with that much snow still skiable? porquoi?

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The skiing is still prime here in Ohio!


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Originally Posted by dookey67 View Post

^nice turns. but you're ending the season even with that much snow still skiable? porquoi?


It's not an easy snowfield to reach, but the last good one in the area.


I was hoping to snag August turns again here, but I don't think it's going to make it through the week. Supposed to be back in the upper 90's in town. :(

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I keep getting notifications to my email. Good to see people are still skiing.

I've been keeping at it in the East while I still can then heading to Oregon for August and September turns.

Here are links to my June and July Eastern turns (click links for full TR with pics):

Stowe VT via Toll Road : June 1, 2014 – Skiing patches for 105 turns

It’s not only about the skiing, it’s about the adventure and the variety of the experiences.

June turns : I’ve ridden the lift and ski numerous days at Killington in 1990s. I’ve also ridden lifts in British Columbia in 1988 and most recently in California and Oregon. I’ve even driven up Mount Washington on a couple of occasions or hiked to the Tuckerman Ravine. Heck last year, I’ve even skied a huge patch of snow in the Laurentians at Mont Avila.

How about car-assisted June patch skiing? Okay this isn’t as hardcore as some maggots chasing California patches, but it all belongs to the same passion and madness.

Click link for more:







Can-Am National Holidays – July 1 & 5 2014 : World Cup, Humidex 106 & Still Sick!!!

Back-to-back ski extreme experiences (i.e. extreme in madness):
– Temperature in the 90F range one day to 90mph wind gust the next;
– From shorts and topless to “I need an extra jacket” weather;
– Driving with heavy storm warnings, torrential rain, T-storm and fireworks;
– Highway construction and orange cones everywhere;
– Avoiding wildlife at 75mph like the giant moose standing in middle of the interstate. Plus a fox and maybe even a grey wolf running across the car.
– Safety was an issue even before I started skiing, especially that I wasn’t even carrying a gun. This is New Hampshire, with the odd grey wolf and firearm carrying citizen.

There isn’t any snow?
Are you mad?” I answered “Yes!”

That was the main reaction by the US Gun-carrying Custom Officer when he questioned me about my plans for US soil. Other reactions of disbelief from fellow hikers on the Tuckerman Ravine Trail where they saw us with our skis? “Are you training for Alaska? Where are you going to find the snow?”

I didn’t get a reaction in Canada: it was just child play. People were climbing the hill in bathing suits to go tubing and didn’t notice us with our skis. I was even told before my July 1 trek if 40+ celsius with humidex wasn’t too hot to go skiing? No, it was one more reason to find some snow. Definitely cooler than playing World Cup football in the Brazilian tropical heat.

Both adventures were greeted with some disappointment at the speed in which the snow had melted since the last pictures were taken of both places.

Click link to continue to read and see more pictures.


Where is the snow in Tuckerman?

People tubing.

Riverc0il milking it

No patch is too far, nor too small!!!

And a few actions shots :






The skiing is over… in the East. It is time to hop on a plane if you want to continue this game into August!!! Or go find a patch of snow at the local arena. I’ll try to ski you in August!!!
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That looks like a lot of fun! Glad that I clicked on your link too.

Makes me think I should take a patchskiing trip to the east sometime.

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