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Outta here?

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It's been a fun day on epic, eh?

Anyway, today is my last day on this job. Monday I start a new job in another office about 10 miles south of here (same company). They will be moving my computer sometime (hopefully early) next week. So I know I'll be "off the hill" for a few days at least. And, I expect, I won't be around nearly as much, maybe at all (God I hope not), for quite a while, as I will actually have work to do again. But I suspect I should be able to pop in around lunch time once I get settled in.

Another big bummer is that I will not be able to ride my bike to work anymore. 17 to 18 miles is just too far. It would take me way over an hour (I'm no Lance Armstrong), and I'd get to work in a pool of sweat. I was able to ride in today, so I got one last bike commute in. Gorgeous day today. Not even 80 degrees and no humidity. It's been a pretty good summer.

Arc 'em or Park 'em!


**Due to the power shortage, the light at the end of the tunnel will be turned off indefinitely.
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SEE YA on the flipside.
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Good luck on the new job!
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take care JohnH you really need a computer at home
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welcome back JohnH
was it a smooth move?
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Uh oh! It sounds like its going to be lunch and drinks this Thursday!
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The move was smooth. It's just a rude awakening to be dumped head first back into the world of the over worked after being under worked for the past 3 months.

dchan, I have a computer at home, but once I'm home, there is no way I can spend time on it because of the baby. Plus, it's on a 28.8 modem. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

LM - food and good stiff drink... See ya Thursday.
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