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Surefoot Contoura X2 liner vs Conformable foam liner

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Anybody have any experience with the Surefoot contoura X2 liner ?


Do they use a softer foam mix, gel etc. How is the fit and comfort compared to Conformable ?


I have been using Conformable foam liners on/off for about 20 years and would love to get a more comfort, but still get the precise fit they have.


Googleing only came up with the marketing "bells & whistles" resault about Contoura X2, no reviews...

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I got the new Surefoot liner in my latest Langes. They're using the same foam product, I believe, at least it's the same procedure, but they're offering different degrees of hardness. I asked for maximum hardness and ended up with black and blue feet for a few days after the foaming, but love the boots.

I had the Conformable liner previously.
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Thanks a lot Kneale B. 


Beeing able to tweak wih the foam hardness/preassure sounds good. Having suffered with increadible pain and cramp under my feets may to some degree beeing caused by the high pressure from the foam of the Comformable.

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Had the older version of Conformables 8 years ago, got the new Surefoots this season.  A bit heavy, as are the Conformables, a bit more compliant as far as hardness of the foam, excellent hold and accurate molding to the contours of my feet.  Slightly different injection points compared to the older model (supposedly more accurate).  Perhaps a bit warmer than the older Conformables.  No breakdown after a full season teaching on the hill.  All in all, highly recommended.  Just be sure you get the best, most experienced person (usually the manager) in the Surefoot shop to do the foaming.  Your satisfaction will totally depend on the person doing the work.  Good luck!

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I second what Mike said.  I was in conformables for about six years and with new boots (same model as the replaced boots) went to the Surefoot liner.  The Surefoots are a little bit more comfortable and a little bit cushier, but they ski just as well as my conformables which is exactly what I was looking for.  I noticed they did not stiffen up the forward flex of the boot as much, which to me is a good thing.  Also, the sole of the surefoot liner is much thicker than the conformable, which all things being equal will lift your foot in the boot a bit.  So if you have issues with your instep being too high make sure you discuss this with your fitter to make sure he can drop your footbed or bootboard to compensate.  I would be very surprised if you don't like the surefoots.   

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Thanks a lot Guys.


Sounds like the Contoura liner is definatly worth a try. Good to know about the sole thikness, cause i do have a very high instep, among other fit issues....

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Are you also using a custom footbed? This will make a big difference in overall fit.

I went with Sidas (Conformable) 'Black Project' this year and started lacing the liners late in the season. That made a surprising difference as it let me buckle with almost no pressure while improving overall responsiveness significantly.

I have Sidas footbeds also, and I don't think the system would work anywhere near as well without them. I have found the comfort to be excellent, but I have the softer foam that is used with the Impact shell (X3 shell goes higher end performance).
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NayBreak. I am for sure using a custom footbed. Have tried ALL the major brands, Surefoot, conformable, Super feet etc, with various results. The best so far has been a orthodic made by my podiatrist (who also is a expert skier) I believe they are using products from the Austrian company BootDoc.


Lacing the liners does help. My previous Salomon Ghost liner had laces. Have read about the Sida Black  Projeckt, and it sure sounds neet!

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