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Boots for narrow feet?

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For ski boots I can usually find a last width for the particular model somewhere so I can immediately rule out the hugely too wide boots. With telemark boots every manufacturer seems to have their typical last. So what about snowboarding boots? Any manufacturers/models (womens) that would be more likely to fit narrow feet?

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Not sure about particular models, but I know that there are some really good boot fitters that work on snowboard boots. 


Hope you find your answers. 

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Lots of brands offer women's snowboard boots. Start your search here:

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I've been plagued with narrow ankles and have hard time finding boots. I wear a size 8 street shoe and have found 32 Lashed in size 7, Nitro Team TLS in size 7 or 7.5, and Ride Ful size 7 to have nice tight ankle sockets.  Note that the 32 Lashed and Nitro Team have ankle harness that are sewn into the boot.  This is a good and bad thing.  Good because it wraps around the liner and holds it down inside the boot better than a harness that just ties around the liner.  It is bad because on both of them it is very easy to get it TOO tight. 


I used to think that I had to eliminate heel lift as tested by standing on tippy toes.  I've learned that this is a false way to test the heel lift issue. It is better to keep your toes on the ground and flex the ankle. My old way of thinking led me to tighten down the ankle harness as tight as I could get it.  This led to super stiff support around the ankle and difficulty in flexing the ankle.


It hurt like hell, and I couldn't turn at all, and I feel into this trap of thinking that it was my boots and that it was heel lift.  Regardless, I've since learned with with my 32 Lasheds there is a sweet spot of tight enough and not too tight.  I try to tighten the inner ankle harness as tight as I can while kneeled down with lots of ankle flexion.  In addition, these have traditional laces and I use a lace puller to help get the laces tight enough around the shin.  I learned a great trick on how to tie traditional lace that helps a lot in getting leverage, if you wanted to learn about it.


I also have used Down unders and superfeet foot beds and these helped alot. I finally broke down and got custom made instaprints and it made a big difference in comfort and performance.

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