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Lange RX 110/120 fit: Please help.

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I purchased the RX 120 and the RX 110 from Backcountry.com. (Excellent return policy)

Got the RX 120 in 28.5 and the RX 110 in 29.5...they didn't have the 29.5 in the 120.

My foot measures exactly 29.5 CM. Most shops recommend a shell of 29.5 for me.

The 28.5's seem a little small, and toes are just touching the front even when flexing.

My foot has about 1/2 inch of room when doing a shell sizing.

My toes seem a little crammed when mimicking a ski turn.

The 29.5 and an better overall fit. There's is a little less than 1 inch of room behind heel when shell fitting. However, I'm worried about them being too big after packing out. Had this problem with a few other boots in a 29.5. I ski aggressively on most trails.


I hear many say that the RX series run on the small size.

Does anyone have a 29.5 cm foot length that are using a 28.5 boot?

Will these pack out sufficiently to the point where my toe does not seem crammed?

Adding a after market foot bed, weather it be custom or cut to fit seems out of the question on the 28.5's due to the already low volume without one.


Should you still feel the front of the boots with your toes even when skiing? I am seeking a high performance fit without the agony of a overly tight boot.


I've tried the 120 on numerous time, often leaving them on for over 1 hour. There is a minor amount of pressure in some spots, but no pain or hot spots.


Any advise or recommendations would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for sounding like a noob.


Another question: Where exactly do you measure the distance between the shell and the heel?

I have very large hands and can't fit them in the boot to measure using the 1 or 2 finger fit.

Is it the bottom of the shell or the longest part of the shell.

When reading up on shell fitting it is not apparent where this measurement should be made.

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if anything i would say the RXs run a little long, as for sizing based on what you have told us the 29shell is too big, might be fine if you are doing a week in a season and not looking for any kind of performance after the first 4 days but it is too big.... the liners are a little short in the shell to stop them form creasing so it needs to be fitted, did you try the boot with a decent footbed which will stabilize your foot and make it a little shorter.  how were you measuring your foot...weight bearing, or non weight bearing, or both and was there a difference?


most important thing is to work with a fitter, as i said based on what you have told us the 28 is the better size for you, but what we can't tell on line is how the volume/width and general fit of the boot is

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Thanks for the input.

Re-measured my foot. Unweighted it is 29.6 and weighted it is 30.2.

Both shells hold my heal and ankle in place...they actually feel the same in that respect. The primary difference between the 28 and 29 is the volume in the lower shell between the two.

However, my toes still touch the front of the 28 shell. This concerns me since I've heard else wear that the RX series run a little long.

Therefore, other brands' 28 shell I would definitely not fit.

As for a foot bed..If I put them in the 28 shell, my toes still hit the front of the boot, and they become way too tight overall.

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Check with the expert bootfitters @ backcountry.com. They are way better at internet boot analysis and fitting than the rest of us are.



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Thanks again for the excellent advise.

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As much as I enjoy SJ's response (I pretty much always enjoy what you write), a slightly more helpful answer is this:


CEM gave you the only real answer anyone on the internet can give you, 1" of space behind the heel is just straight-up too much room. The 29 shell is too big for you. The 28 shell is borderline at 1/2". We can't tell you what does fit but we can tell you what DOES NOT fit, and the 29.5 is too big for you and doesn't fit.

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Again, thanks for the advise. All of you guys are very helpful and seem to know your stuff.

My main concern is the length.

Will the length feel longer after packing?

Is it common to stretch the length slightly?


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sure the liners will give a bit and the shell can be stretched/ground to gain a few mm, the right footbed will pull the foot away form the front and give you another mm or 2 and the correct sock can help also

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