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Crystal Mountain meetup 4/28 or 29?

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I will be visiting Seattle from the east coast next weekend and skiing Crystal Mountain.  If anyone will be there and is interested in partnering for a bit, for skiing trees or other places, let me know. 


I'm advanced intermediate.  I'll ski just about anywhere in good snow, except really narrow steeps, jumps, etc.  In the past I skied High Campbell, Powder Bowl and other advanced runs at Crystal in soft snow, but would be more reluctant in more challenging conditions.  Not a good bumper, but I like trying. 

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I'm not from the area, but I'm betting that you'll be finding some great snow.  Enjoy!


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Thanks!  I'm looking forward to it.  First time ditching the wife and kid for a solo multi-day western trip, but the complete lack of winter in the NY area has made me desparate! 

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Interesting skiing at the moment. I hit Crystal Saturday, temps mid-50's and very soft - so soft I had several almost-endo's when I hit wet snow and my skis decelerated sharply.


High Campbell and Northway are closed for the season, unfortunately.


NOAA is predicting snow showers and mid-40's temps Thursday through Sunday, should firm up a little.

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I'm going to try to be out there by then . If I can make it i'll check who might be available for some turns.  If i get my chores done by Thursday I can go play in the Puget sound area.


I grew up skiing Crystal . It would be a pilgrimage for me to return. I'll try to make it so.  Northway is located in my old stomping grounds it took a ride back to the resort to do when i last rode there. It's grown up a lot since i was there. Before it was a bit of hiking or a traverse to find the goods . Now everybody can ski there and ride back up.

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I'll be flying out from JFK in two days to Seattle to ski Fri/Sat/Sun.  Same story - desperate, complete lack of winter back east, etc.  Booked the flight one weekend in March when it was high 80's here and dumping in the PNW.


I'll be staying in Seattle with a friend and not sure yet where we'll ski each day.  But definitely one day at Crystal and probably more -- seems like it's the highest elevation and best (coldest) weather outlook.


I'll be on black Salomon Scrambler Customs, in a blue/gray Smith helmet with a big sticker with the new Magic logo (http://www.magicmtn.com/).  So if we cross paths give me a shout. I'll probably be lost since I've never been to Crystal but my boarder friend knows his way around. 


-- Ted


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Fantastic--Jmaie, Garry, ts, etc. we can PM as the weekend approaches to see if we can work something out. 



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I just posted some pics and video from Crystal on Sunday 4/22,




I'll see if I can join you, however there's a big world music festival this weekend, I used to be the festival director and I'm expected to make an appearance and help out a bit.   Sunday is more likely for me than Saturday, and at this point Stevens more likely than Crystal (much closer for me).


That said, have fun.  Looks like we're supposed to get a little more snow on Friday and possibly Saturday.

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It was fun today, but the crud is challenging, for me at least!
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Cool ADKS . I'm still stuck in home so i'll miss you.  I hope you enjoy Washington. I think it is a diverse and beautiful State.  Did you get a decent view of  Mt Rainier ?   It's one of a long string of volcanos through Washington and Oregon. 


Enjoy your trip .

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I'd love to join in but daughter has state gymnastics finals this weekend and for some reason thinks I should be there...enjoy.

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ADKS - how were days 2 and 3?  I hit Stevens Pass and Baker respectively and it just got better and better. Not so much the terrain, since each mountain had a ton of interesting skiing, but the conditions.  Sunday saw some sunshine and intermittent clouds at Baker so instead of heavy or sticky, it was a very forgiving surface.

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Recovering at the office after flying back on the redeye.  I'll try to post some photos later this week.  The upper mountain conditions were pretty good, all things considered, though definitely heavy.  The steeper trails were more enjoyable because the friction on the more moderate grades was too much.  I almost killed myself a few times trying to maintain speed on a straighaway leading to a flat or uphill section. 


I ended up doing laps on the Green Valley lift at the top, alternating between Green Valley and Snorting Elk.  It was really delightful.  I often had the place to myself and it was super quiet on the Snorting Elk Bowl side of the ridge.  Saturday started out picture perfect, with sunshine, fresh snow coating the trees, and a nice partial view of Ranier from the top.  That didn't last long and the fog and cooler temps rolled in for much of the day.  The snow was quite firm in the morning and I stayed on the groomers, but it softened up by mid-morning.  Sunday was variable.  One run sunny, the next foggy, etc.  By Sunday I was feeling like an old pro skiing on the dense "breakfast" snow, which often varied between cream cheese and maple syrup.  All-in-all a great trip.  Nice to finally get a last-ditch ski in after this dismal winter.

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