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Which new skis

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I'm geraing up for next season when I plan to make my assault on my CSIA Level 3. I can't afford to own a bunch of skis and having to travel from the UK could only carry 1 pair with me anyway. When I buy new skis I need to wait until the offers come in at this time of year.


I am looking for the best pair out of the following to help me navigate my Level 3 with the optimum assistance and would really appreciate your expert views. I'm 6' feet tall and weigh about 175 pounds. I'm 54.


Rossi Experience 88  (170cm)

Head I Peak 84 (177)

Atomic Blackeye Ti (174)

Head Supershape magnum (170)

Head Supershape Titan (170)

Dynastar Legend 85 (172)


Thanks in advance!!

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Just to keep you amused until someone chimes in with the right answer, here's my opinions.


Rossi Experience 88  (170cm) - a little wide, early rise tip, could do worse.


Head I Peak 84 (177) - About the same as the Experience 88


Atomic Blackeye Ti (174) - Same as above, only better


Head Supershape magnum (170) Best one, also only 71 mm wide, but may not be ideal for slow-speed demos, but if you have the skills should be ok.


Head Supershape Titan (170)  similar to magnum, but a little wider, a little easier and more versatile


Dynastar Legend 85 (172) early rise, general purpose ski a little long in turn radius for this purpose and not that much of a high performer.


Assuming you will be skiing on this ski besides taking the test, I say get the Magnum; if you can't pass your level III on the Magnum, maybe you don't deserve that level 3.




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Now there's a challenge. Appreciate the observations Ghost. Thanks! My gut feeling is the Magnum also.

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I own a pair of the SS Magnums. I would have to say that they would be the best carver of the bunch, no doubt. The Titan has the same sidecut and turn radius as the Magnum, so in theory it should perform the same, but I can't say for sure, as I haven't had much luck trying to demo the Titan. I spent some time this season skiing with kids and beginners, and I didn't have any issues with the Magnum skiing at slower speeds. I also own a pair of the Head Peak 84's. Fine all mountain ski for sure, carves well for a wider ski. But I also spent some time later this season doing some drills and exercises with an instructor friend of mine on the Peak 84, and kind of felt like I would have done better on a narrower ski like the Magnums. If you are looking for a ski strictly for teaching on, I would go with the Magnums. I really like the pair I have. If you are going to only own one pair, and are looking for more of a versatile all arounder that will still carve well, then I'd go with the Titan. I know some really solid skiers that post on the forum here that swear by them. Of course, that's only my opinion. You said you were looking for expert views, and my advice is far from that. Take it FWIW. Good luck.

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Thanks for the contributions. I came across a pair of Blizzard G force uktrasonic at a crazy price so went with those.

Thanks again!

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