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Hobbit Feet

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Hi Guys,

This our first time on here so please bear with us 

My wife skis approx 40 days a year here in wonderful new zealand and this year the housekeeping money will be invested in a new pair of skis rossignol 3s attraxion the only problem is she has hobbit feet size uk 8/8.5 could someone please advise if the bindings on these skis will accommodate Mrs hobbit or is there a solution to here problem

Thanks in advance 


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If the skis she is buying are new they can be mounted to fit anything within reason.

If they are used with binding already mounted................then maybe or maybe not.............can't say.

A UK8 is an enormous boot for a woman, That is the size I ski in as a 5' 10" male w/sz. 11.5 shoes.


There are some missing pieces here and most of them cannot be resolved on the internet.



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