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Spring Skiing round Salt Lake City - April 6th to 15th

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What amazed me was the fact that everyone is complaining about the bad snow year in Utah, still a 250cm base is awesome… With the average snow fall being so high in LCC etc and some great helps from friends and forum members here, I booked the trip for April 6th to April 15th, hoping to get a storm or two.


Leaving my house at 9am GMT, I arrived in London at 1pm after my first short flight of just over an hour, had a lovely Wagamamas then readied myself for the 8 hour flight ahead to Chicago. Arriving in Chicago I had an hour 50 to get my next 3 hour to SLC. The whole journey took me 25 hours to be in my bed at La Quinta in Midvale, I only slept 4 hours or so then I was up real early to head to Alta.


Day 1 – Alta – 12 inches fresh reported and I left at 8am, bused up from the park and ride and probably got the 15th chair up, straight to ballroom and some lovely fresh POW welcoming me back to skiing after 5 weeks!!! Skied Collins lift for an hour or so which was fun. One Devils castle opened I hiked to the top in that but I killed me with lack of sleep and altitude and my legs were gone after that, the ski was worth it though!!! Spent the rest of the day exploring the place.


Day 2 – Alta – Last day of Supreme so spent most of the day there, experiencing some great spring conditions, with some icy blacks skiers left and some fresh POW in the trees in Catherines. The day was a great success and managed to meet up with MarzNC, lovely lady who helped me with my booking.


Day 3 – Brighton – Warm day, skied the far right lift for a wee while but snow wasn’t the best, so headed over to the park and did laps all day there. I am just learning park so it was really a day to get accustomed to the features as I intended to go back.


Day 4 – Alta – Again a warm day cruising the groomers in the morning then the afternoon off high T on the runs from there.


Day 5 – Alta and Snowbird – Another warm day but fun doing similar to the day previous, cruising in the morning waiting for everything to soften up then skiing the harder stuff in the afternoon.


Day 6 – Alta – Its been snowing all night and I wake to nice heavy rain in SLC so quick breakfast and head to the Park and ride for the bus!!! Again was standing in the queue for the first chair and managed to get the 3rd one up!!! What a day in the deepest snow I have skied in years. Skied off High T and Wildcat and had a lot of fun!!!


Day 7 – Alta and Snowbird – What a day, think the hardest and best days skiing I have ever done, skied with some amazing skiers and skied everywhere until my legs died!!! The snow was deep and felt like I skied everywhere in the two areas. Highlights was skiing the backside of High T , Keyhole, Baldy twice and run down the 2nd pylon of the tram.


Day 8 – Alta – Fun day with more fresh snow, skied some great lines in the morning from high T before the snow got heavier, then headed over to Wildcat for the afternoon and found some great soft untouched snow in the trees.


hiking to the top of Devils castle... it almost killed me!!!



A visit by the porcupine...



Heading up collins...



Nice view of baldy...



heading up the lift in Brighton...



Waiting for Collins to open on the thursday... 



A bit of POW...



Heading up Sugarloaf...



Nice tracks on the backside of Collins...



nice wee hike... 



Deep enough... 



this is going to be a good run...



Well it certainly was an awesome trip and everything is so different to what I am used to but I want to go back already and hopefully will…


the main video...


and some extras...

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Sure looks like a lot of powder!  You certainly got lucky on the timing of the storms for a late season trip.


Thanks for sharing.

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