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YIKES!!! I hope I did not do my knee!

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This sucks!!! sorry AC. In a effort to keep my fat self in shape I was roller blading with wifey last night. While she had to good sense to bail on a hill I thought problem I can take that.

The first part was a slow grade descent but the bottom got steep so I decided to bail to the grass. As I started to traverse across, guess what Pierre . . .? Yeah got back, lost balance with almost all my weight on my right down hill skate. I tried to save it rather than fall and heard a POP!!!! I should have just hurt my pride instead of my knee.

I fell to the ground and holled like a dog!!!

I can walk with a limp but cannot bear weight on stairs. My bud the physical therapist thinks it may be at least severe muscle strain or tear or a LCL but he is optomistic that it is not an ACL/MCL because the pain is on right outside and below the joint. I have an appointment with my orthopod on Tuesday.

This is scarry.


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yikes! that DOES suck. (better'n doin' it in november though.)(hey, just lookin' for the positive.) hope it's not all that bad.
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I hope it turns out to be not so bad and the recovery is speedy !

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Ed, Any swelling? If so, ice and elevate! Good luck!
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Thanks folks,

vicodin and vioxx is a wonderful combo. I'll know more in the morning. (Pain!?)

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Ice lots of ice. and get to the ortho. You really need to get the swelling down before they can make a real good diag but a prelim ASAP followed by a MRI when the swelling goes down. Did I mention Ice, Ice Ice..

Oh Yeah Ice...

Good luck. Hope it's not too major.<FONT size="1">

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That SUCKS!! Hopfully it's not your ACL. I would think it would be really tough to blow an ACL on blades because they don't provide any leverage. My knees have made popping noises before when slightly stressed, but it was just bone on bone contact, which bruised the bone a bit, but didn't damage any ligaments. MCLs, from what I understand, can heal themselves. I don't know about LCLs, and ACLs can't heal themselves.

As dchan said, get an MRI. It's the only way to visually spot ligament damage. An Orthopedic Surgeon can do a Lachman's Drawer test to check for ACL damage manually. But that test can't really tell the difference between a stretched or blown ACL. But you will need to give it time for any swelling and bruising to go down before they can really check much.

Swelling will be an indication of damage. When I blew my ACL, it didn't really swell a lot, but it was noticable.

Good luck!
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Good News,

The Doc says my knee is in good shape but I have torn and strained my Extensor Digitorum Longus, Fibular (Peroneus) Longus and other related muscles. Most of the damage is up around the top of the fibia and thats why it seemed like a knee injury early on.

I am off the bike for at least 2 weeks and maybe 6. I will be reevaluated in 2 weeks. I am not allowed to climb stairs, swim laps, cycle and of course run. I have been given an excuse to be a couch potato. BUT I refuse!!!! I will be on my bike in 2 weeks Damn it.

Later gang and thanks to all,


Ps. Lisa thanks for the note.<FONT size="1">

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Good news Try and take it easy.

I hope you do not live on the second floor.<FONT size="1">

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You are welcome!
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good news ed.
That plenty of time to get back in shape for ski season.
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Very good news. glad to hear it. I think beer and pizza is good medicine for fixing those problems and letting the muscles relax.
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Well folks,

Here is an update that I got with the results of my MRI and while they are not good it could be worse. Fortunately, for me all the skiing and cycling has made my legs strong and my knees stable.

When I injured myself rollerblading I had all my weight on my right down hill skate. Leg strength allowed me to save the fall and probably my knee but I have a compression injury to the top of my Fibula (sp). I have an oblique fracture at the top on my Fib, a bulging but not torn meniscus and some slightly torn tendons.

The fracture and micro fractures are slight and only detectable on MRI. Treatment course? Well really none. If I want the factures to heal right away I could immobilize my right leg for 4 weeks and it would heal but my Ortho said that is not indicated it will heal on its own. The trouble is the large tendons of the upper leg attach at the exact spot so as the bone is trying to knit together the tendons are pulling it apart. However, even with exercise the Doc say I should be completely healed by ski season. The meniscus is not torn and the bulge will recede in time and the tendons are already well on there way to healing as told by the MRI.

The only pain I get is some bone pain at the exact spot of the fracture but it is not bad and even after exercise I do not have a limp. Just put in a quick 20 mi. tonight and the leg feels fine.

So all in all I should be OK and I will have the Fib checked again in 30 days to check the healing process. BTW, if anyone as done an MRI you will know what I mean when I say that I could not do it without Valum. Man its like being locked in a coffin.

Anyway, thanks to all who sent their best wishes. Hey, Mrs. SkiCrazy watch out behind you!!!!!


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What is the update 2 or 3 months later? :
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