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Is anyone wear SKINS before?
I'd like to buy one for this Australian season. 
But I go to check on their Australian wedsite and find only "Snow Compression". And I find "S400 Thermal Compression" in USA website. Anyone know why? And what's the different between those two?
Thanks a lot.
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Do a search, has been discussed at length.

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I asked they.
There is answer.

Hello Phil,
Thank you for contacting SKINS,
I can confirm that we (Australia) will be seeing the arrival of the S400 Snow range winth in the first week of May. Our range will include A thermal Compression Long Tights and Long Sleeve Top.
The US would have the product currently in the range to offer as they are just coming out of the winter season, and were the first to have delivery of the new S400 range.  
If you contact us or visit our website during the first week of May, we should have the product available to purchase.
Kind Regards
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Don't give up your day job.  Of a general nature re compression tights read these:


or this (from somewhere closer to home)

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