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Crystal or Baker, WA bootfitter

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I will be visiting either Crystal Mountain or Mt. Baker in Washington later this month. Does anyone know if there a bootfitter worth seeing at either mountain?  I don't see anyone listed on the existing Epic thread.  Thanks!

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There is a list of boot fitters at the top of this forum. You may find someone close. 


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I saw the guys at the shop at the base of Crystal.  Although I didn't go through a whole fitting process, they seem quite knowledgeable.  My Nordica Speed Machine 10's are feeling not-quite-tight enough, and my heel isn't locked down.  They suggested trying a cheap insert in the heel under the insole first, and then possibly a $250.00 Intuition liner, which I could transfer to a new boot if I end up buying new.  The $10.00 insert, while not perfect, was an improvement, so I came away happy.  It's funny, when I bought the boots a few years back, I read up a ton on boot fitting and thought I had gotten a sufficiently small shell, but alas perhaps not small enough.  The Crystal bootfitter said the shell was a 3 finger fit, acceptable and comfortable, but not ideal for performance. 

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Quote: " The Crystal bootfitter said the shell was a 3 finger fit, acceptable (??) and comfortable(maybe), but not ideal for performance.(true)"  


     At the top of "Ask the boot guy's" is a WIKI----- "Which boot work for me",  please read this info and base your next purchase on how we recommend You "shell fit" any boot purchase in order to have it work out in your favor.


A 3 finger fit will require you over tighten the shell in order to hold your foot still in the boot---as the liner packs out you will need to continue to tighten and tighten but still not have good heel hold and end up with cold sleepy feet.


Check out "Whos who in bootfitters" in the wiki at top of this section, to find a boot fitter near you.

Good luck.



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Yes, thanks, Mike.  I bought these boots before I knew about this website.  You're right in that I do have to over tighten the top two buckles (much more now than before the liner packed out), but they actually fit pretty well like that.  No pinches, no cold toes, decent (for me) performance.  Not perfect I realize, but good enough for now.  Certainly better than how most people's boots fit, I imagine, and good enough to enjoy more than I'd enjoy skiing on perfectly fitted boots minus $800.00 or so right now.  As my skiing improves, though, I notice the shortcomings more.  Unfortunately, there wasn't a great bootfitter where I bought them, despite the shop's being listed in "America's Best Bootfitters" and being Masterfit University certified.  He did shell fit me and seemed to select boots that would work with my narrow feet, and I spent a good time in the shop, trying a number of boots.  These boots were definitely tight when I bought them. 


When it's time to buy new boots, I will definitely seek out a recommended fitter and read up here.  Unfortunately, the selection of fitters around New York City is somewhat limited.  There's a fitter in the City (Jeff Rich), but my impression is that he is much more expensive than most.  Perhaps I'll reconsider when I'm ready.  The convenience, and hopefully quality, would make up for an added expense.  There is another fitter up near Hunter Mountain 2.5 hours away who I've heard good things about (Keith Holmquist at The Pro), and I've read of one out in New Jersey somewhere that has gotten some positive talk on Epic recently.  Otherwise, it's wait until I travel somewhere, but not have the ability to go back for tweaks.  If anyone has other suggestions, I'd love to hear them.


And thanks for all the great info here.  I'm really impressed how people take the time to share their experience and expertise with others.


(And yes, the left liner is in the left boot, the right liner is in the right boot, there is no jewelry on my toes, and the buckles are pointed to the outside!)

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A three finger fit I would say only qualifies as acceptable in the world of your left foot is an 8 and your right foot is an 11 since a three finger fit is easily two if not three sizes too large.  But more important is your comment about Jeff Rich.  The selection of fitters in and in general grossly around NYC is not slim and Jeff is well known.  The fact that he is more comfortable may in fact say something about his knowledge.



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Not sure I understand, Lou.
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Yeah welcome to the club, I don't understand either.  I must use the same spell check my old secretary did and she didn't last long.  Meant to say that Jeff may be more expensive but perhaps it is because he has greater knowledge.

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Ah, perhaps. Hope so!
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