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Read the article.

A high speed monorail system from DIA through Denver and then along the I 70 corridor with stops at key resorts along the way such as Vail, Beaver Creek, Copper etc with a possible connectng spur to Aspen would be a great idea, except for the rental car companies, and hotel transport services.

This would make this part of the country truly a skiing meca unlike any other place in the world.

If Denver wants to protect Winter Park, they offer it with a lift ticket or discount lift ticket coupon with purchase of a monorail passage.

The true determining factors in all this is how much will this cost, including satisfying all the environmental and political concerns, how is going to be paid for will it be priced advantageously so people will choose to sue it, will it be convenient and user friendly, and will the resorts cooperate with locating stations in convenient locations with in their resorts.

How about a Rail/Ski Pass say for $600.00/person four buying at the same time for unlimited skiing at select resorts, and unlimited use of the monorail, during the ski season only.Can buy lift tickets at substantial discounts for other resorts along the line.

Want to re-build the ski business, this could be one way to do it!

Now who knows who in Washington, in particular the Secretary of Transportation ?

That's a deal
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When I stay in Denver for contract computer work, I end up with gigs downtown, and ride the light rail as much as possible. It's a nice, hassle free, and fast ride. Free parking too.

The train is not only a great idea for skiing, but the summer congestion is just as nuts as the winter, especially between 4th of July and Labor Day... Trains do a good job getting folks in and around the Alps. Would rival what is over in Europe. Marketed properly, I think more Euros would find the train a very positive thing. As would a lot of SUV lovin' Americans. Rent the SUV at the destination, so they stay off I-70.

Besides, modern train designs are efficient, and they could cut down on the commute time. Not to mention the commuting possibilities for those of us who live up here and work (sometimes) in the front range. A successful high speed train service could impact Colorado in a very positive way. Even the I-25 corridor could have a parallel train service. Expensive at first, but huge payoffs. This kind of project is exciting.

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