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I-70 traffic. no relief in site

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Denver has pulled the plug on $$ for a high speed train to service the mountains from DIA. I thought is sounded like a good idea. Funny they say part of the reason is political, part???
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I'm no train freak, but knowing what it costs to rent a car for a week, and that Summit county has a free shuttle (Summit Stage), as well as knowing where those rental car facilities are (a good couple of miles from the terminals) you bet your arse I'd take the train.

I wonder if the rental car lobbyists had anything to do with the plan getting the axe?

They should not only have the train, but have a stop somewhere on the west edge of town with a HUGE parking lot, to get all the locals with weekend condos to take the train. If they leave all of their ski gear at their condo, they could travel very light.

And gee, didn't we just have a little thing going about saving the planet? So much for humanity.<FONT size="1">

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The line goes to Vail. It would give Vail a definate advantage over the other resorts. The resort that would lose the most skier traffic is Winter Park. The city of Denver owns Winter Park. They are just looking out for their own investments.

I'm sure some of the other resorts, Aspen, Telluride, Crested Butte, Steamboat etc lobbied to shut it down too.
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JohnH and Harpo I think your on to something. I too wondered about the lost revenue to the city from rental cars, sales tax and such. Had not really thought about the other ski areas. Winter Park does have its own train that is very popular with locals but not convenient for out of towners.
They are trying for a ballot initiative for November. I strongly doubt that if they succeed on getting in on the ballot that it will pass. While the Travel and Ski Industries would lobby hard a lot of folks in Colorado feel that if Vail wants a train then Vail should pay for a train.

Vail does not seem to be very popular with anyone these days, defiantly a PR challenge.
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During the past winter I have been involved in a series of on-line surveys about snowsports participation here in CO. The latest version was from CDOT and very detailed. It wanted to know lots of details of how we travel to participate and how often we head to the mountains.

It felt very good to give them some realistic information about how a family goes about travelling to the mountains > 20 times per year for just skiing. There were questions about how we travel, were our vehicles prepared for mountain travel, how much gear we carry, what out primary destination is, travel time, gas costs, etc.

Then it went into different alternative transportation scenarios, with time and cost broken out for each one. Some of the alternatives listed were bus, light rail and monorail. The costs for a family ranged from $15 per trip to $150 per trip. It was interesting and I hope that they gather some good data.

As for the train/monorail up I-70, even if they did pursue it further, it would be way off in the future. I would guess 20-30 years away.

Our solution to the i70 traffic problem(of which I have been part of for 17 years) is to minimize our travel on i70. Our family has changed from skiing Copper Mt to Winter Park. With this change I am on i70 for only 15 miles or so and there are frontage roads for most of this section.
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I am with dbldmnd on the Winter Park thing. The worst part about getting up there is dealing with the Summit County folks. But there are ways around them. I just wish there was an effort to have more trains running with a lower price. For the amount of time I spend up there, 30-40 ski days a year I would be on the train all the time if it were convienent for those of us that work up there on the weekends. I tend to leave for WP at 6:15 or so just to aviod the masses.
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You've seen nothing yet . . . the directions are clear: CO is going to end up with a front range comprised of a 200 mile long core city - with suburbs extending into infinity.

Guess we escaped just in time!
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I don’t know Todd, yes its getting big and housing prices continue to climb but... it’s still the best place I have ever lived. When we lived in southern CA it took hours just to get out of the city. Day trips were virtually impossible. Even though we live on the eastern side of Denver we can still be in wilderness in less than 2 hours and nice day hikes are 40 min away. Its all a trade off I guess.
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The decision shouldn't surprise anyone, the train idea was never very practical. I would have been pretty pissed to see my tax money go towards something extremely expensive that would have been even more of a hassle to ride compared to driving.

I know that everyone is sick of seeing additional lanes being added to highways with no relief to traffic promlems, but I-70 is simply a piss-poor highway that needs serious work. Two lanes in each direction just doesn't cut it on grades like that. Just one slow truck, boat, trailer, camper, or whatever else people seem to need to drag with them into the mountains is all it takes to clog the entire highway. Have you ever noticed comming back towards Denver on Sunday evening that the traffic breaks wide open just past Idaho Springs? Have you ever noticed that just happens to be where the highway expands to 3 lanes?

Public transportation is for the birds anyway. The number of people that can be transported by a little train compared to the capacity of a major highway is simply a joke. For example, a new light rail line just opened along Santa Fe Boulevard. Have you noticed any improvement to the traffic nightmare on Sante Fe? No. I used to have a free RTD pass and used it to bus/light rail into Denver every day. Every day it was the same pain in the arss....drive to the bus stop, wait for the bus, ride the very slow bus that smells like a cross between crotch sweat and vomit, unload the bus, wait for the light rail, ride the light rail that almost never gets up to speed because it stops at every corner in town, then walk to work that really wasn't very close to the light rail stop. Finally, I found it faster and easier to just sit in the traffic and enjoy the stereo in my car.

Now, if it's such a hassle to ride trains to a single place where everybody wants to go (downtown), then how well is it going to work when you try to get everyone to completely different places scattered throughout the mountains? Not everyone heading west on I-70 on Saturday morning is going to the Summit County ski resorts, or even ski resorts for that matter. Traffic is pretty bad in the summer too, and I'd think that very few of those people are going to a ski resort where the trains would run. Just unpractical.
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You lived in So. CA (along with 80% of the other transplants) . . . its all perspective. Compared to that cesspool of course the front range seems like paradise, but you just wait!
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Todd, you really know how to hurt a guy! I am presently marinating in that cesspool! Every morning when I open my eyes and realize it isn't a dream...I thank Allah that I didn't sell the casa in northern NM!
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The fact is the Denver area is far too spread out for any sort of public transpostation. A DIA to Vail train makes little sense because most people driving up I70 are from Denver anyways. Even if they had some trains going up from areas around the front range, who wants to pack their sh*t in the car, drive to the station, pack your sh*t in a train and lose the freedom to be able to leave and come home at the time you want to. It would be great to live 30 miles outside of the city and be able to walk to the train station to go to work or up to the mountains, but unless you wanna walk a couple miles to that station, it just isn't going to happen.
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Is Eldora not a viable alternative for Denver folks?
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The lack of Denver's $200,000 per year funding does not "pull the plug" on the proposed monorail system. There is now a petition drive to get an initiative on Colorado's November ballot to fund a research project to develop a test train. I doubt that there will be enough signatures on the petition to get this on the ballot, and if it does make the ballot I doubt that it will pass. If the plug is pulled it will be the taxpayers who will pull it.

If this thing ever is built, it will be 20 to 30 years in the future. The technology is undefined and there is no guarantee that the high speeds promised are attainable on the steep grades in the I-70 corridor, or that the performance will not be affected by adverse weather conditions. The train would be a multibillion dollar project. The only way that fares would be affordable would be with heavy government (taxpayer) subsidy. I don't think the trains would be empty, but I don't think they would reduce auto traffic by very much.
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No Eldora is not a viable option, I don't live in Colorado so I can ski Eldora.
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The Summit Daily (Summit County paper)reported yesterday that there were more than 30,000 signatures in excess of the required number to put this issue on the ballot. Nevertheless, there surely is a significant number of voters in the "lowlands" of Denver who would vote against the issue merely because it is of no perceived benefit to the Denver area.
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Paul W
Welcome to epic ski, It's funny that on a ski forum you decide to make your first post on the "off-season sports" side. Of course we are all going crazy waiting for some signs of snow..

I see you are a photographer. My wife dabbles in BW photography, http://www.nbchee.com if you want to see some of her work.

Arrggg. Our ISP is down... try back later.<FONT size="1">

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Paul W. Hi and welcome. I think your right that Denver voters will say no thanks. Also will be a hard sell to the Western Slope. Not much in it for them.

See your in Silverthorne. We are often up on the weekends. Have a place in Wildernest. Often found on the trails at the top. Perhaps our paths will cross.
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Thanks to you all for the welcome.

How can I post anything relevant to skiing when it's about to RAIN outside?? <grin> It's been a very wet summer here in Summit County...which means green forests instead of blackend ones, and wonderful wildflowers.

I am not a newbie to the 'net, but I *am* glad to find a good ol' fashioned BBS-type message board like this one!

I am very much into digital photography. One of my hobbies is my website, which I invite you all to visit: http://www.highcountryaerie.com

I, too, live in Wildernest! Can't really say I'm looking forward to snow, however. Summers here are so gorgeous. Snow will come whenever Ma Nature decides the time is right. I can live with that! <grin><FONT size="1">

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Paul W you need to remove the period at the end of your web address and then we can click through. otherwise we get a server not found. I'll browse later.
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Paul W. Great photos, thanks for sharing. Agree that Summer is to valuable to wish away. We have not done nearly all the summer activities on our list.

Any chance of some flurries with this cold front coming in? It is supposed to be 20 degrees colder in Denver tomorrow than today.
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I could have sworn I saw fresh snow on the sadle below the peak of Mount Antero this Sun. after fishing on Tincup Pass (between Antero and Mount Princeton near Buena Vista). We stopped fishing because of rain and hail so it may have been hail that had accumulated but it looked like fresh snow (viewed through binoculars) and not a snow field remaining from last winter.
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HUGE cumulus buildups here today...somebody's gonna get pounded, probably west of the divide.

Noticed that the weed...errr...wildflowers' leaves on some plants are turning yellow. That's the first sign!!

Yikes...if Denver's going to be 20 degrees colder tomorrow, we probably will, too. Brrrr... <g>
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Another sign the the season is getting closer http://vail.snow.com/
has changed from the Summer Menu to Ski Season. Great photos to get you more excited. A reminder too that last November 2nd we had 2 feet of snow. Lets hope the wet summer means a wet winter.
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Looks like I-70 was busy last weekend: http://www.summitdaily.com/news/news_4_080801.html

This wet summer has been mostly due to the "monsoon", which does not usually persist into the winter. I wonder what's up with El Niño and La Niña...??
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This is an aside but its CO related...saw Tool at Redrocks last friday. shaZAM!! Weather was great..hot in the lot but the sun went down, the moon came up, Denver etc glittered out on the plains, and Tool blew me away with their art metal rock thing.

In a few weeks I'll be back there again for Ween.

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LG: I thought I saw snow when we were at the summit of Fremont Pass on Sunday, as well! We had to get out so the 3-yr-old could go to the potty, and it was blowing like mad and freeeeeeezing. It felt great.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>saw Tool at Redrocks last friday<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>You should keep your pants zipped
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Saw the 'record' setter up close and personal last weekend, but fortunately, I was on the west bound lane going up to Copper, watching the east bound traffic inch their way back to Denver. I've never seen that long a traffic jam on I-70 without some weather related cause. So, who's going to have more clout on this train thing - the local Denverites or the CO Tourism industry?
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I started walking from my house in Denver to the mountains instead, no traffic whatsoever and the 70 mile hike only takes about 25 hours.
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